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No 6th annual San Diego meet?

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  1. Pana Sonic
    I haven't been on Head Fi recently, but AFAIK there hasn't been a San Diego meet for this year yet. I'm assuming Darin Fong might be busy or couldn't secure space for this year, but are there any plans for the next event?
  2. Malloy
    I was about to ask the exact same thing! I remember meeting with you guys (Yes Key, Bong, etc.) around December last year.
  3. Pana Sonic
    I remember that too, and also the conversations we had (Focal Utopias supposedly being "perfect" but sounding far from it, K1000's, 1st gen Beats headphones being a dog whistle, etc). I could've swore we met around October or November though.
  4. Yeskey
    I've been waiting for an announcement from Darin as he's usually the one to host it, but I haven't seen anything develop so far. I'm looking forward to it if it does happen though. He has nailed a bunch of other meets recently so it's a tossup.

    I'm sure I've seen him at the LA Audio Show and SoCal Canjam this year.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2017
  5. Yeskey
    I asked him about it last night and he said things have been really busy this holiday season, so it probably won't happen this year. But he might be interested in hosting one early next year if there's enough interest for it. I enjoy smaller meets so count me in for a 2018 meet.
  6. Pana Sonic
    Aww that's too bad, but I don't blame him. It takes a lot of work to host these events. Thank you for asking him about it though.

    I'm not sure if I'll still be in the area in 2018, but I'm down if I'm around. In the meantime, I gotta stay tuned for an OC event.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
  7. Malloy
    That's too bad, but there is always next year. I totally agree, though. It must have been a bear to bring all the gear in and set up. Count me in if there is one next time. And I also am more than willing to help with the set up and tear down of the room and equipment. I was surprised at the sheer amount of gear Darin brought last year. I thought the table belonged to at least three members, not one! On a different note, I just read a favorable review of Darin's software in TAS's headphone guide by Steven Stone.
  8. Pana Sonic
    I wouldn't mind helping as well, although Darin will probably decline due to security issues (there's no camera during that time and considering the amount of expensive equipment, I don't blame him). I forgot that he does software too. I kept thinking he was an audio reseller.
  9. dmckean44
    I would go to an early 2018 meet.
  10. sergioalb64
    I’m near the LA area but I would totally go to a SD meet. Would be my first, and I would definitely bring all my gear and help in any way I can!
  11. koover
    Here is Arizona, the Phoenix area, we have been discussing about putting on a LARGE show/event for the 4 corner states and Cali if anyone is interested.
    The Phoenix meet is getting bigger each time and we have a sponsor! We also have more Vendors each meet that are willing to fly in and join us. We would like to grow this and would love for someone from California to reach out to me @koover or @Coolzo and let us know what you think. The San Diego area is I believe a 5-6 hour drive and our events are 8 hours long. We have food and plenty of space so it would be worth it.

    We also stage the event at the Hilton Garden Inn where we have the option of growing to 4000 square feet of space if need be which is substantial. We're also thinking about having a 2 channel room in a separate area (a hotel room) away from the HP listening area for critical listening for a complete experience. Accommodations are easy peezy as you could stay right at the meet site along with many other hotels/motels within short driving distance.

    It's too late to put something together for our upcoming event on Saturday February 10th but any and everyone is welcome to attend. We're already booked and planning for our next meet/event on Saturday September 15, 2018.

    Let me know what you guys think!

    Greg (Koover)
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