Nicknames for your device.
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Aug 3, 2007
Do you have one? I call the Cowon D2+ the 'Hallo Spaceboy' mp3 device after the song because it seems like a device for a 'spaceboy'. And I call the new Cowon J3 the 'HAL-9000' mp3 player because of the clean white design on it's back. I can't wait to get the 'HAL-9000 mp3 player' and compile stuff like 'Ultraworld mix' on a micro sd card. I had to let the Hallo Spaceboy device go because it didn't have 'BBE Headphone 1' which is a cool preset which 'muffles' the sound and makes it bassy and more like SACD.
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if i'm frustrated i always tend to call it: worthless piece of crap

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I nicknamed my cowon q5w "broken". Cowon stopped updating firmware Sept 2008, while they've since made many more firmware updates for the Korean version, the q5. The hard drive, and probably everything else in there, is running at max power consumption that the mp3 player can become too hot to touch continuously after 1-2 hours of play in the summer, and in normal temperature it gets very hot as well, sigh, amazing sound and video player ruined by software.
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I have the BrewtaliPod, BrewtaliMod, BrewtaliNano.
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Well, when I had the Zune HD, I named it Bergkamp. And now with my squeezebox touch, I've named it Bergkamp as well. I like devices that let you name it, it's a nice personal touch.
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Haha, my iPod Classic 160GB is named Pluto.  All credits to my gf.
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I call my X Walkman, Muffin. 

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