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Nice to "officially" meet you Head-fi

  1. SonicElectronix
    Hello Head-fi'ers,  
    We couldn't be more ecstatic about becoming an official member of the Head-fi community. If Sonic Electronix doesn't ring a bell, we are, on the surface an online retailer of all things audio. But really we are more than just the items we sell. We are experts, deal-makers, customer advocates, music lovers. We are a family. We believe in the pursuit of quality sound.
    You can be confident when shopping with us you'll get the best price AND service, guaranteed.  In an effort to do this we have secured direct relationships with several brands you know and your ears love. 
    To put our money where our mouth is, for a limited time we are offering head-fi'ers an exclusive 15% OFF All Headphones (with a few exclusions). Use code "HappyEars". But you can always give us a call  and bend our arm a bit, we just might give in to your demands. 
    Look forward to more deals, giveaways, special event coverage, product releases and more!
    I leave you with a couple of questions: 
    What's the most important thing to you when shopping for headphones (besides price)?
    Is there something that online hifi audio retailers like ourselves haven't done well?

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  2. Stillhart
    Welcome!  Are you also representing BuySonc.com here?
  3. AxelCloris Administrator
    I care about quick and open communication with a seller. I don't want to send a company an email and get a response 3-4 days later. Next business day is perfectly acceptable. If a seller doesn't want to respond in a business day then I typically feel that my business isn't important and take it elsewhere. There are a handful of online stores with whom I refuse to do business as a result.
  4. SonicElectronix
    Not exactly. I'm more on the Sonic Electronix side of things. However you can always PM me to get just as a good pricing and selection, if not better.
  5. SonicElectronix
    Thanks for the feedback! I know I'm not a fan of slow communication, especially when I'm paying a lot for a specific item. 
  6. klfl
    I bought a lot of audio stuff from Sonic Electronix for the past 3 years. Their service is one of the best.
  7. SonicElectronix
    Awesome. Thanks for the shoutout!!! 
  8. Mr Rick
    Welcome to Head-Fi. 
    I like an easy to navigate website and the ability to make an offer on selected items.
    My offer was accepted and I now am the proud owner of a pair of HD 800s which will be delivered next week.[​IMG]
  9. SonicElectronix
    Great! Enjoy. Post pictures when you get it!
  10. snowlune
    Reasonable shipping prices for us Canadians and other international folks. Also, USPS shipping. UPS's customs processing fee is absolutely ridiculous.
  11. SonicElectronix
    I'll talk to our team about Canadian shipping prices. I've got to imagine we can work out something considering the price of the items head-fi'ers purchase. 
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  12. Cagin
    More than a year ago I wanted to buy some Martin Logan Mikros 90 headphones. There's a tiny amount of available dealers for portable audio brands here. Suprisingly there was a Martin Logan dealer in Brussels! Yet they never deigned respond to my emails (maybe snobbed me because it wasn't about loudspeakers who knows). I was even prepared to pay the 300eur MSRP.
    Fortunately had found out about Sonic which ships to Belgium and also matched the price of NewEgg at the time, with good prompt customer service.
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  13. Army-Firedawg
    Welcome to the community guys. Pleased to get your acquaintance, looking forward to what you all bring.
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