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NEWS: Apple acquires Beats for $3 Billion (Update: Full interview on recode.net)

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  1. StanD
    Yes,I don't think they would make such a bad decision, otherwise they will lose business and Steve Jobs will haunt them.
    I think their rank and file customers are accustomed to cheap earbuds and may not be willing to spend another load of money on an Apple only gadget.
  2. vantt1
    At this point, Apple ditching the mini jack in the next iPhone is nothing more than just a rumor. I doubt they'll remove the mini jack; since there are so many existing headphones/earphones that use it (including their own ubiquitous EarPods). But who knows, only time will tell.
    No-one's really forced to do anything, though. It's not like Apple's gonna forcefully take your existing iPhone from you and remove the headphone jack from it. No-one's forced to throw away their existing headphones, and nor are they forced to buy Lightning-equipped Beats headphones. Philips already made a Lightning headphone, and I'm sure many other manufacturers will start to make them too.
    Besides, why would anyone force themselves to buy the new iPhone if they really value the mini jack that much?
  3. StanD
    And yet every year the line of the faithful extends from Apple Stores, clear over the horizon. Should this rumor pan out, it might cause some confusion withing the ranks. Not everyone has purchased an iWatch to accompany their iPhone, however, one does not need the watch but must have the phone.
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