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NEWS: Apple acquires Beats for $3 Billion (Update: Full interview on recode.net)

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  1. thievesarmy
    They don't make a ton on Mac's, but they do on iPhone's. Here's an article on their latest quarterly earnings: http://www.extremetech.com/computing/181290-apples-iphone-continues-to-drive-record-quarterly-profits-despite-ipad-sales-stalling
    iPads are also still big business, even though in this most recent statement they were actually down (I think for the first time ever) - but still, they're VERY profitable. From the same article, regarding iPad:
    I wasn't even getting into the prospect of a Lightning standard, but since you brought it up - honestly do you really think they would eliminate a headphone port COMPLETELY? That would SERIOUSLY piss off (and alienate) a HUGE amount of their customers who wouldn't be able to use ANY of their current headphones. I cannot see them ever doing something so radical. What is more likely is that they'll build in exclusive functionality or advantages when using Lightning, especially in conjunction with Beats headphones. Incentivize that while still retaining the most common standard that EVERY headphone uses is the best of both worlds, and everyone wins. 
  2. thievesarmy
    I could certainly see them make an premium, ultra-thin device (iPhone Air ?) that sheds the 3.5mm headphone jack for a thinner Lightning port, but they would still offer a model that included a headphone port. 
  3. Mshenay
    Dude, I used to own a Zune HD, I liked it very much. The OS was much better than Android or apple, and for that reasons I'd like  windows phone my self, I'm not a huge app person. I just want Gmail, Google Maps and... uhh well that's it 
    that said it's good to hear windows is growing 
  4. Xeculus
    Good news! 
    The iPhone 6 will have the 3.5mm headphone jack! 
  5. Redcarmoose
    Looks almost like iPod Touch 5?
  6. Hapster
    Psh. For the first time I'm going to switch from iPod to iPhone and they make the iPhone look just like the ipod I already have! XD
    And yes, not almost like, exactly like. The only difference I could see what a tiny little dot next to the power button on the top.
  7. Xeculus
    Same dilemma here! 
    It's ok, the LTE makes up for it :)
  8. Redcarmoose
    I dont know if that is true 'cause I'm returning to college after 15 years (Man, have things changed), and the college I'm going has almost 30 Mac for their computer design classes. So I'm guessing other Colleges / Universities in the US have the same number or even more for their departments.
  10. thievesarmy

    First of all that's completely anecdotal. Just because you notice a lot of new macs in your school, it doesn't mean anything for the company overall. Regardless, don't get me wrong, they still make a lot of money on computers. Tons of money relative to the rest of the industry. But overall, the vast majority of their profits come from iPhone and iPad related sales. This isn't secret stuff, you can look up the breakdowns of where their sales / profits come from. They're a public company and as such they must disclose this info. To your credit, apple has long had a strong foothold in education, and I think offers a significant educational / student discount on their products, but a lot of those schools are actually moving towards iPads in many situations.
  11. csglinux
    For any iPhone owners that also happen to own a good pair of headphones and don't want to be forced to throw them away and buy a new pair of lightning-equipped Beats headphones:

  12. StanD
    The fools in Cupertino will find out when we vote with our wallets.
  13. Koolpep
    Ok. But even if they do it you can still:

    - use Bluetooth headphones
    - use your old headphones with a dac/amp with the Lightning to USB adapter (like C5D, idsd, Chord mojo and many others).
    - use shells like then entrance hifi skÿn

    So it's not the end of the world, even if it would happen. Though I doubt it.

  14. StanD
    Many people have carefully selected sensitive headphones/IEMs so that they can drive them directly without carrying extra gadgets. They will not be pleased if such a dumb decision is made.
  15. Koolpep

    Well let's see if apple would do that, so far nothing but rumors. I still doubt it....but that's why you have choice.

    Anyhow. There is always the possibility to just continue to use the carefully matched phone and IEMs then and not to upgrade.
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