Newbie,Will the HD 700 and ALO Pan Am match well?
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New Head-Fier
Feb 23, 2013
Hello Head Fi, I am a newb.

And I am gonna receive a Sennheiser HD 700 as a gift this June.

So, I immediately went to the only good Audiophile store I know in the Philippines, Egghead.

And I found out that the best Amp they have over there is the ALO Pan Am.

Now, I gotta ask myself a question. Will the Pan Am drive the HD700? Will the HD700 which I already tested and massively preferred the HD700 over the HD650 (not to mention that the words free is even sweeter to my ears). My Father always told me to trust my ears anyway, not graphs.:cool:

Is the Pan Am enough? Will the PanAm work without the Passport and the Gateway? Will it fully open the HD 700's soundstage? I really wanna max out Crysis 3 in both Visuals and Sounds so i think this is my best bet without selling the HD 700s and getting the HD800s.

So in a nutshell, will the Pan Am nearly max the potential of the HD 700s? Will the Pan Am sound fine without the Gateway/Passport? And is the internal DAC good?

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