New Yuin PK2 fake?
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Oct 24, 2008
Just received new yuin pk2's from ebay. I have owned a lot as they brake.
This new pair sounds off and doesn't have the same white logo as the old ones.See picture
Are they fake or did Yuin quality drop ?


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Maybe a fake. Not sure about a quality drop. They might be out of business. Earbuds have rebounded and while I had and liked the PK2 probably time to stop buying it and move on. If they break and you do indeed have to worry about fakes and earbud sound has moved on from them not sure why you are sticking with them. I know it's hard to find the right sound but enough people in the earbud thread have had the Yuin and and point you to more modern stuff with none of the worries and an even better sound.

Grab a Shozy XB. I have one and was a PK2 owner back in the day.
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Thanx for reply

I have tried all the yuin competitors. While some of them sound pretty good. They are bigger and don’t fit my ear as well.
I also feel people tend to underestimate how good the yuins really are.
too me the pk2’s will never be surpassed.

was hoping someone could verify if he’d were fake. I guess I will be the one to confirm.
I will burn them in some and then will report back. And have to begin the fight with eBay to get a refund.
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Just received new yuin pk2's from ebay. I have owned a lot as they brake.
This new pair sounds off and doesn't have the same white logo as the old ones.See picture
Are they fake or did Yuin quality drop ?

Fakes are a possibility.

But a few other possibilities I can think of are:
1) Unit variance - especially at the CHIFI budget segment, QC is not the most robust, so sometimes the FR may be different among different batches.
2) One set is out of phase? It is not an uncommon issue in the budget FI segment too.
Can test using this link:

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Not gonna convince you probably but I think you are in the minority and Yuin isn't even talked about anymore and that would mean me and all the other veterans, like ClieOS are wrong which I doubt. I do think the improvement over older stuff can be exagereated and newer people don't know better many times. Could be a magical synergy with a device as that does happen. The PK2 did nicely with my Sony back in the day but best using the HEAVY EQ preset which had a little magic. You can message ClieOS and he may be able to tell the state of Yuin and if your pair is fake and perhaps point you to legit pairs to purchase.
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Thanx for all the replies.

I had some more time to compare the two yuins after leaving the new ones to burn in most of the day.

They sure do look alike. Except for the different coloured logo and a little thinner cable on the new ones.

But the sound is very different. The old original Yuins have a lovely warm midrange compared with lovely extended heights while the new ones seem muffled..
I still can't say if am dealing with a fake pk2 or yuin just changed the driver to an inferior one. But in the end it doesn't matter.
This is not the yuin I ordered. When looking through ebay sellers I actually noticed some had the non white logo print and decided to order from a seller showing the correct white logo print.

Now for getting my money back and hunting down and original pair. That's probably not going to be easy
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Took a glace at Clieos's earbud ranking:

  1. Sennheiser MX985
  2. Blox TM7
  3. Shozy BK (Stardust) Balanced
  4. VE Zen 1
  5. Rose Technology Mojito (Red/Blue Limited Edition)
  6. K's Earphone 500ohm (轮回之天道) Balanced
  7. Rose Technology Masya
I actually owned the Blox TM7 and found them no competition for the PK2. Funny how preferences vary.
But I am a little curious about the Shozy.
But for now the hunt for original pk2 is on. Any suggestions where to look? came up. Any experience with them ?
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For future reference If you come by this thread from searching and If you are considering yuin pk2. DO NOT buy the version with grey label paint. It sounds nothing like the original yuin pk2 with the white label paint which now seems rather difficult to obtain. I emailed Penon who can only obtain the one with grey painted label.

I now find myself looking for a replacement for pk2....Maybe I will open a thread..
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Nothing broken on them.
My personal highly speculative opinion on the case:
I think they might in fact be produced by yuin and as such not "fake". As far as yuin is concerned these are the new yuin pk2. For someone who never heard the "old" yuin pk2 how would they know otherwise. But the "old" yuins are leagues better that these "new". The difference is like night and day.

I happen to have owned 5 sets of yuin pk2 in my life. The "old" version. They brake a lot at the plug. But they sing like no other earbud.
If these "new" are indeed produced by Yuin and considered the "new" version. I have no idea why yuin would drop the ball like this...

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