NEW Ultrasone Jubilee 25 Edition Headphones

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  1. Giraku
    Thanks. I spotted a couple of fellow head-fier owning Jubilee 25. But maybe you’re right that I’m the only one owning so many Edition line HPs. And I agree that I consider myself insane for spending this much money on Ultrasone HPs.

    Jubilee 25 and Edition 5 do share some tonal signatures. They are the closest among my Ultrasone collection. That said, there is quite a notable difference between the two. Jubilee 25 has better separation and sharp but sweet treble likely related to resonance characteristics specific to Macassar Ebony. I know this because I play and own an acoustic guitar with Macassar Ebony as side and back tonewood.
  2. Zmay
    I too have Edition 5 (unlimited) and Jubilee 25. I first bought Ed5 and was blown away by how good they are (for me, just my taste).

    When J25 came out, I had to have them, can they really be better, I asked myself. And yes, they are better, sound is somehow more substantial, more grounded. It is not easy to speak about such things and explain in words. You have to hear it in order to know (the same if you have never smelled a could I explain in words the smell of a rose). But they are better.
    Now I use Ed5 for riding a bike, listening music from android (they have a short cord with mic and comands) and J25 for listening at home.

    About money, well of course you must have it, and then you think about is it worth for you. Life can end at any minute, and to die and not have heard J25.....well that would be sad, very sad.
    I am just surprised that I can give some peaces of paper (real word worth maybe few cents) and get such a beautifull crafted product, where you can feel the love and pride standing behind it. Every time i look at them, I feel happy that I can enjoy them. My music listening sessiones became imensly enjoyable and I listen to music more and longer, because of them.

    One thing J25 has for sure done for me. My search for ever better HP is over. I have found what works for me in any possible way and this are "end of the line" HP for me.
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  3. Giraku
    Thank you, Zmay, for sharing your great J25 story. I really love my J25. But I will probably keep buying new HPs just for curiosity...

    BTW, would you mind sharing your frequency response plot that came with your J25? I'm curious how consistent or variable J25s are in terms of FR. Mine is on the 1st page of this thread.
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  4. Zmay
    Hello Giraku,
    I understand, we love something and then explore it. I just wanted to underline how good J25 is.

    I am fresh here, so I can not post pic or don't know how to do it. When I try, I am asked a URL. I will investigate and post if and when I can.
  5. Giraku
    Thank you for trying.
    Here is what I did for my pics:
    Go to the Gallery tab from the top of the page and create a new album. You can upload your pics there.
    Then select a pic you want to post and "Share" it. This way you can get a direct URL to the pic.
    Now you can post your pic using the URL.
    Hope this helps.
  6. Zmay
    Jubilee 25-048 FR.jpg [​IMG]
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  7. Giraku
    @Zmay, thank you for sharing the frequency response plot!!!
    Seems like the unit to unit variability is fairly small. Hope other fellow members also share theirs.
    It’s always better to have more samples.
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  8. Dobrescu George
    It looks like those are quite something. Ultraosne always does go above and beyond with those ultra high end headphones of theirs.
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  9. Zmay
    Hello Dobrescu,

    they are very good. ED5, ED5 Unlimited and Jubilee25 are very similar. I would say basicaly the same but with different material for closing it. On the other hand this is like a resonant box,so it changes the sound in some way. The main tehnical change in Jubilee25 is use of lemo instead of neutrik connectors. Neutrik connectors often made problems, lemo is much better.

    This is of course my simplified look at things, I do not know what they have done inside. i can say that they are incredible light, incredible confortable, very good looking and with amasing sound. There is also diference in sound, so Jubilee25 is a little better then ED5 Unlimited. You can hear music on both of them for hours, without any problems in confort or tiering from sound.

    To get a comparison, ED5 Unlimited is a little, very little better in sound and better in confort then Beyerdynamic t5p v2, which is an amasing headphon in itself. Of course, I think that sound is like taste, so I am speaking about my taste and my preferences.
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  10. Dobrescu George
    Thank you for the advice and detailed comparison!

    After hearing Ultrasone's Signature Studio model, I am really looking forward to hearing more of their work!
  11. Giraku
    Here is a new Edition model that will be publicly announced on 11/3.
    It's open back based on the Edition 5 design.
    I'm very interested in this new model.

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  12. Nomax

    I also own edition Jubilee 25....i was buying two pairs of this beautiful Headphones.....if anybody wants a pair for a great price,2890 Euros....please sent me a personal Message

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  13. Giraku
    I love the combination, AK SP1000SS and Jubilee 25!! Also you got a nice case, @Nomax!

    I have an extra Silver Dragon V3 cable for Jubilee 25 with 2.5mm balanced Furutech. If anyone interested for a price $250, please send me a PM.
  14. Nomax
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  15. Giraku
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