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NEW Ultrasone Jubilee 25 Edition Headphones

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  1. MoonAudio Contributor
    Ultrasone Jubilee 25 Edition Headphones
    Free U.S. Ground Shipping
    Free U.S. Ground Shipping
    $5,999.99 Ultrasone Jubilee 25 Edition Headphones
    The Jubilee 25 Edition Headphone is the new Ultrasone new Limited Edition headphone.

    These closed-back deluxe headphones have reduced emissions using the ULE standard (Ultra Low Emission) and S-Logic EX technology.

    What's in the Edition 8 EX box?

    1. High-quality aluminium case
    2. Micro fiber cleaning cloth
    3. Detachable premium 4-core 3m premium cable, with LEMO connectors
    4. Gold-plated 3.5 mm jack
    5. Screw-on 6.3mm adapter

    Only 250 Made

    1. To commemorate the ULTRASONE 25th anniversary, only 250 limited edition headphones were made.
    2. Hand-crafted in Germany, the high-gloss ear cups are made of Makassar ebony and finished with piano lacquer. The finely-crafted decorative inlay is of high-gloss polished 925 sterling silver.
    3. An engraved logo adorns the matt chrome housing.
    4. The ear cushions and the pad of the solid aluminium headband are made of finest dark grey leather from Ethiopian long-haired sheep.
    5. The supplied premium case provides protection when storing and safe transportation.



    1. Principle: dynamic, closed
      S-Logic® EX technology
      ULE technology
      Impedance: 32 Ohm
      Driver/Driver size: Mylar/Titan, 40mm
      Magnet: NdFeB
      Frequency range:5 - 46,000 Hz
      SPL:96 dB
      Weight (excl. cord): 314g


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    Moon Audio 
    106 Brady Court
    Cary, NC 27511 


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  2. Muinarc
    I had a listen to these at RMAF. Very pretty build and light weight!
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  3. grownmansport
    Wow Ultrasone is getting more and more brazen with their shameless piggery.  This just appears to be a redressed Edition 5 with new connectors and earcup materials, which by the way the original "limited" Edition 5 (limited to 555 units) is still available online so they haven't even managed to sell all of those.  And for them to think that they can now sell these for $6k is hard to understand.
    That said, those earcups look stunning.  I think the Edition 5 line is the best looking heaphone on the market.  Also, they should've implemented these connectors on the prior Edition 5s instead of those flimsy mmcx connectors which were a major problem.
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  4. bmichels
    Agree, I sold my ED5 mostly because of false contacts with those stupid MMCX connectors...
  5. VoodooSamurai
    yep they are doubling up instead of changing their failing model. I would be surprised if this company still exists in a few years.
  6. grownmansport
    I would be considered an Ultrasone fanboy, but this really makes me lose faith in them. Really can't imagine anyone dropping $6k on these. Agree that their future is looking bleak. I like my Edition 5 but those mmcx connectors are such a problem and frankly I prefer my TH900 over them for half the price.
    And the Edition 8 which was made for little kids. Because a normal sized head can't comfortably fit inside a pair. 
  8. Giraku
    I just received a Jubilee 25 from a retailer. It was factory sealed and looked clearly brand new. However, the serial number is 11 out of 250. So I’m wondering if this can be a factory refurbished one.
    But even more striking surprise was how good it sounds right out of the box. I own many Ultrasone HPs, and all of them required lengthy burn in period before they sound good without overly harsh treble. But this Jubilee 25 does not have even subtlest hint of harshness in the treble department. Don’t get me wrong, they are certainly bright sounding headphones. But the treble gets aggressive right before becoming harsh or sibilant.
    Considering with the very young serial number, again this one could be a refurbished one. But I really like it. It’s such a treat that there is no need for burning in...
  9. Giraku
    Here is the frequency response plot came with my Jubilee25, Serial Number 011.
    I would very much appreciate if other owners share theirs as well.
  10. TWerk
    LOL $6000??

    You've got to be kidding me. Who actually buys this?
  11. TWerk

    I like their mid models, they are my favorite sound signature and haven't found bass that compares, very strong and articulate... I really like the imaging, forceful bass and crisp treble. They do V shape just right IMO and work amazing for EDM. I have Pro 900 and Perf 880 and really enjoy both. But I think they tapped the mid tier with their pro and performance lines.

    They have tapped cheaper end with their go model and some of the Hifi series. They tried some IEM's. I guess the only place to try to keep upping ultra high end for them with limited edition runs and premium materials...
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2017
  12. Giraku
    Ummm...I did.....
  13. TWerk
    Have you tried the lower models? Pro series, or performance series? I wonder how much improved these $6,000 Ultrasones actually are above those (WAY) cheaper models.

    They all have the 40mm titanium drivers...
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2017
  14. Giraku
    I own Edition 5 Unlimited, Edition 10, and Tribute 7. They all use 40mm Titanium plated drivers yet sound quite different from each other. I have not tried Pro or Performance series, so I cannot say any difference in sound quality. But at least to my ears, Jubilee 25 is the best among them. I agree that the price is ridiculous.
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  15. grownmansport
    Congratulations. I envy you. I consider myself crazy for owning both the Edition 5 Unlimited and Tribute 7, but these are way beyond what I'm willing to pay for any hp. I wouldn't be surprised if you're the only person on head-fi to have bought them.

    They just look like Edition 5 with different earcups and connectors, so I guess it's redeeming that they actually do sound different according to you.
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