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New Streamer from Bel Canto!

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Todd, Aug 23, 2018.
  1. Todd Contributor
    Hi All, We are happy to announce a great new product from Bel Canto!


    Bel Canto Stream!

    Shipping Next Week! Bel Canto's new e.One Stream. Order yours today and get yours shipped next week!

    The e.One Stream network bridge easily connects to your network and any DAC’s digital input or Pre-amplifier’s analog input for access to Hi-resolution streaming services. Experience the quality sound of Tidal and Qobuz or the fun of Vtuner listening to Internet Radio from around the world, all controlled using Bel Canto SEEK App on your iOS device.

    The e.One Stream features:

    - Flawless high performance for both analog and digital output

    - Asynchronous Networked Renderer with precision Ultra low noise clocks

    - Bit-perfect data transmission

    - ROON end-point

    - MQA files mastered at rates up to 24-bit, 384kS/s and DSD64 DSF files.

    - USB-A port for music stored on USB (FAT32) portable drive

    - Optimized playback of all formats: FLAC • WAV • ALAC • AAC• MP3• AIFF • DSD • MQA

    - V Tuner (Internet Radio)

    - On line firmware updates

    - Available in black or silver




    Bel Canto e.One Stream




    Call US 406-285-3910 or email Todd@ttvjaudio.com

    TTVJ Stay updated on TTVJ at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  2. Grimbles
  3. emrelights1973
    Nice little box.... now i am using Daps for streaming, i have in my list a Naim streamer, aurelic streamer with a chord dac or dap with a chord dac or new dcs dac..... to many choices not enough money

    I wonder this little fella can outperform my sp1000
  4. Todd Contributor
    In a week or two we will be doing one of our loaner programs featuring the Bel Canto Stream. We are currently waiting for the arrival of our new iPad so we can use it and play with it here first. The units look great and I am confident that they will perform excellently like all Bel Canto products. This wil allow you to answer some of your questions yourself.

    Please do not try to sign up until I announce the program. I am hoping for next Friday.

    TTVJ Stay updated on TTVJ at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  5. emrelights1973
    I wish:) i am in Saudi Arabia
  6. Sound Eq
    sorry i am totally noob to streamers, so the idea is to just connect the streamers to ur dac without connecting the dac to ur computer usb, with the dac connected my amp

    will there be a real audible difference doing such a thing, than just using the dac connected to my laptop and using tidal mqa
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
  7. PunchLine
    I like the product a lot; it could've been perfect for me.

    Alas, like so many other companies, Bel Canto makes the cardinal mistake of creating a close environment.
    What if I want stream Spotify or Deezer or SoundCloud? Worse still, their phone app runs run only on iOS.

    Amazingly enough, there's a simple solution: Chromecast Built-in, with hundreds of services available.
    Technically, it's a stellar solution too: The server renders the data for the best SQ, while the user can interact with the sleek and feature rich app provided by the service vendor.

    And there's a bonus for the streamer purveyor:
    They don't need to chase the market any longer. Today it's Tidal, tomorrow Pidal and then Shmidall--and the vendor can never catch their breath.
    With CC Built-in, that rat race is over and done with.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2019
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