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New Shure RMCE-BT2 (tested with SE535)

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  1. sabatar
    Thanks very much. I'm ordering two - one for my Shure phones and another for my Weston's. I hate to unplug the cables from the earpieces repeatedly.

  2. sabatar
    Just got mine from a shop. All went easy peasy on the SE846 but on my LGv30 ThinQ the Hi Fi Quad DAC is not active. I need to plug in the phone hole a traditional cabe to get it running :frowning2:

    The DAC is incredible in LG v30

    The sound level went down by 20% too
  3. pubtronic

    Resetting the Shure BT2

    Turn off the earphones and plug into a charger. Press and hold, 15 seconds. Hold past pairing mode until earphones turn off again.
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  4. jetpacksam
    Can anyone confirm a substantial loss in volume between corded and the BT2 on the SE535? I was expecting some loss but this is about half vs wired at the same device volume level.
    If that isn't common, is there a setting in PowerAmp Pro to fix this.
    I am delighted so far with the quality of the music and the performance, the lack of volume is a concern though.
    Thank you.
  5. m4rkw
    Volume seems normal on an iphone 8.
  6. smaragd
    It depends on the sensitivity of your IEMs. Higher impedance IEM will lose more volume than lower impedance ones.
  7. jetpacksam
    Thank you both.
    Not really a tech head but I am assuming the following is on the high end:

    Frequency Range: 18Hz-19kHz
    Impedance: 36 ohms
    Noise Attenuation: 37dB
    Sensitivity: 119dB SPL @ 1mW

    Last bother here:
    Replay Gain or headphone amp? Or are they 2 completely different things and I am looking as ignorant as I actually am?
    If they are different, which amp would you recommend?
  8. pubtronic
    You may also do a factory reset first. In my case, my first version was performing erratically and I noticed at time the volume would change. It was connect to an SE215.

    Resetting the Shure BT2

    Turn off the earphones and plug into a charger. Press and hold, 15 seconds. Hold past pairing mode until earphones turn off again.
  9. holsen
    I use the clip behind my head clipped to shirt collar or cycling jersey collar. Sometimes I just let it hang behind my head, I side my shirt
  10. holsen
    The FiiO is only BT 4.1 and only goes up to aptX not aptxHD. BT 5. 0on the Shure BT2 provide far more stable connection while AptX HD provides noticeably better audio fidelity.
  11. RamGuy
    I have these myself and it's the first solution I've found that is capable of making my Shure SE846 usable wireless. The microphone is horrible, which is to be expected but the noise floor is much, much better compared to the previous model and any other similar solutions I have tried. But you do loose some in-terms of maximum audio levels and clarity but I find the audio quality to be more than acceptable, battery life is decent. I went from using the Shure Lightning cable over to this one and haven't looked back. Dealing with a cable is just too much of a hassle these days.
  12. TK33
    Anyone using these in NYC or similar metropolitan areas? I have been using the Mee Audio BTX1 for the last year with my SE535s but with everyone using Bluetooth these days, it is unusable when walking through crowded areas (e.g. Rockefeller Center or down 6th or 7th Ave with thousands of other commuters). Does Bluetooth 5.0 provide a more stable connection?

    I have been waiting for Shure to release a new version (did not get the RMCE-BT1 because it did not have aptx) and, while I am not a fan of the form factor, can deal with it if the connection is reliable.
  13. The Jojo
    I wish they'd create one of these things without a microphone / volume switch. I like having a bluetooth solution for my SE-846, but I really want these things to be light and practically invisible. Back to my EarStudio I guess.
  14. vnmslsrbms
    I just got one, and the audio quality is decent. I'm starting to really hate having cables dangle around, and having to finagle with a player amp stack. The clip is solid and a bit too tight I think, but it's very slim and does it's job. I got cutouts at weird places that I didn't with my Bose, but they stopped when I held the phone in my hand. Need to test some more. The fit is nice, holding firmly around my ears. Haven't tried the call/microphone. Bit annoying is the control scheme where you have to hold on to volume up for 3 seconds to skip a song etc. It's not double or triple clicking any button. Turning off is middle button 5 seconds, pairing is middle button 7 seconds. It works fine if you are watching the little light. Paired with my SE846 it's a big improvement over my bose soundsport, but then this is not water resistant. I'm bummed that my S9+ doesn't do AptX HD.
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  15. SteveOliver
    Thanks for posting your opinions and you should be too, you are missing out on some of the audio performance the BT2 can offer. I'm not sure I could actually tell the difference between AptX and AptX HD, but this is HeadFi where only the best will do. :)

    If I were to replace my LG V30 I would have to make sure my new phone did AptX HD.
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