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New Shure RMCE-BT2 (tested with SE535)

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  1. deadhead12
    Thank you! I figured it did but for some reason could find it in the product description.
  2. smaragd
    I've been using the BT2 since last week... no drop outs at all at home (and we have a lot of wireless devices including speakers, headphones and and an AVR with HEOS...
    on the go I noticed a brief drop out in a crowded train station and once in a shopping mall near a shop selling bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones. That level of interference is expected with but it's much less than the Pamuscroll I tried last month, which continuously lost connection on the left earbud. If you're having drop outs at home continuously then it sounds like you have faulty one and warrants replacing.
  3. pubtronic
    Seems like a bad item. Have you reached to Shure support.

  4. archangel22
    I havent reached out to shure support yet nope and Im sure if I did theyll ask me for proof of purchase and to post it out to them to inspect. I got it off ebay which said it was new and from what I could tell it was new with no open packages or items.

    Also with the Aptx HD codec how can I tell if I am using that? My fiio x7 just reads aptx doesnt say if hd or not
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2019
  5. pubtronic
    This is a part review of the Shure BT headset after about 1 week of use with my Shure 215.

    The Bluetooth Headset worked perfectly for me on my long fllght across USA. I used them to listen to my favorite albums from Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Coldplay and other rock albums. Everything sounded beautiful and I heard sounds from Ian Anderson's flute or in the Coldplay albums ( guitar plucks) which I had not heard before. Overall a very satisfying experience listening to music. There was no base level noise and this is even without any Noise cancellation.

    I had no issues with the dongle clip. I would easily clip it inside on my shirt collar and it was pretty unobtrusive. Some cable management would have helped to keep the mic in position (close to the mouth). However, there was no microphonics or noise from the cable itself..

    As other reviewers have mentioned, you lose 10% of the sound quality from the wired version. In my case, I perceived it more like 15% at times.

    Now comes the bad part. I found the following issues

    - If you have two devices connected ( like my Macbook or Ipad to the BT device) along with your Iphone 7 Plus , I hear a voice telling me it is 'Connected' every few minutes. Both my devices were within 1 m of each other and had the Bluetooth connected. I have seen this behavior with other BT devices but they only do it once while connecting the first time. This really killed the listening experience.

    - If you have two devices connected, there were sudden volume changes would happen. It happened to me a few times. The volume would suddenly increase and drop off. The increased volume was very good and I had to reduce my volume.

    - I only saw the the Red LED glowing and did not see a Green LED which told me that the device is fully charged. The USB charging port also is at an awkward angle in the dongle and it is not easy to fit the cable in. An USB C cable with the charging port on the side would have helped. The charging also has a rubber cover which will surely be lost after a few months of use.

    - Watching videos on my laptop (Win 7) had various BT drops and it became difficult to listen at times.

    - Conference calls with the BT devices had Bluetooth dropout even though I was less than 1 M away, this was specially with Conference calls on Webex/ GotoMeeting.

    Overall, if you only want the BT cable to listen to music it works perfectly and is an ideal device. Unfortunately, when you starting using BT cable, you tend to use it for many other applications. I was in still in two minds and called Amazon support for cancellation. Amazon rep tried to call the Shure support and we listened to music for some time together. The device is going back.

    If Shure support is reading this and respond, it would be really helpful. My observations with the problems, lends me to think that this product is still a Work In Progress. There seems to be some issues with either the drivers or other internal components which requires some more work. I would be happy to try it again in a few months time.
  6. smaragd
    are you referring to Shure's BT's first iteration or the BT2?
  7. pubtronic
  8. archangel22
    Yep I have used it for a 2nd week now and have noticed the disconnect and reconnects are when other people around me are on wireless or using bluetooth devices. Even if my DAP is inside my bag it is fine but when taxis, buses or large trucks are next to me in a traffic spot I lose bluetooth connection. Also noticing alottttttttt of people when Im at a train platform in the cbd surrounded by people or if someone on the footpath is walking 1m with me and they have a bluetooth headphone on I lose connection and reconnect. Can confirm this part because once I start to split away from this said person I dont have this issue. It seems the BT2 bluetooth connection chip is really weak and flaky it cant handle it when 1 other device is really really close to you. Its too bad you would hope they can fix this or some firmware or driver update somehow can correct this. Have a gut feeling Ill be selling this cable and hoping for a BT3 cable that improves on this alot
  9. m4rkw
    Damn this is disappointing. I have the EarStudio and I love it, but the form factor of the new Shure cable looks neater. Shame it apparently isn't as good.
  10. pubtronic
    Here is an update on the Shure RMCE BT2 : 2/18/2019

    I returned my Shure RMCE BT2 and then got a new one in return (Thanks to Amazon). This new one is performing far better than the earlier one.

    Sound - Sound from my iPhone 7 plus and other Iphone devices was excellent. For streaming music and to listen to downloaded files it was a very satisfying experience. Sounds and music were at par with the wired connection even though there was a 10% loss since it BT.

    Phone Calls from my phone was very good and it hardly dropped a connection. I am on Conference calls 4/6 hours a day and the sound is clear over the entire battery range. People at the other end have not complained that they are not able to hear me.


    1. Sometimes on long conference calls if you do not speak, the earbuds may go into sleep state. So even if you are speaking you may not be aware that your BT connection is taking a nap.

    2. Connections from a Voice over IP (Skype/Google Voice/Gotomeeting/Zoom/Webex) all have a problem. The SE 215 usually don't work well with the BT profile. I have laptops with Win 10 Enterprise / Win 10 Home. Both of them had some issues.

    In the end, I decided to keep the Shure RMCE BT2, It all boiled down to how bad other expensive BT sounded. At the price range, I thought Shure pretty much scored on all fronts when playing music. My requirements are not that common for using BT headsets - listen like an Audiophile, talk like Chatterbox One. As long as I used it decently and reconnected a few times in a day, the phone calls worked pretty well.

    I checked with Shure Support and if you are having intermittent issues, it is best to do a reset to factory settings. Maybe it will work.

    I am still looking for a decent pair of BT headsets which would provide the sound that Shure provides with rock solid phone speaking powers. Since I am upgrading to an Iphone XS Max, i am holding onto these till something better comes along.

    Here are some product enhancement requests

    Product Enhancements Requests
    - Around the ear attachment to make the Shure SE truly wireless.
    - An IOS/Android APP to have a flexible sound signature (I really like the Jaybird and Sony App).
    - Dedicated mute button on the microphone (for times when you are away from your phone). If that button can also call Alexa/Siri added bonus.
    - Remote with raised buttons
    - USB-C connectivity to the BT device.
    There is a fear that I would one day break that USB port.
  11. smaragd
    Maybe you could explain how to do factory reset on the BT-2 for those having issues...
    Mine seems to perform fairly reliably.
  12. m4rkw
    I've ordered one. Is this new version firmware-upgradable or still fixed?
  13. smaragd
    Fixed as far as I understood.
  14. sabatar
    Can I use this Bluetooth cable by Shure with my Weston W80?
  15. smaragd
    Sure you can, I’ve used it with my UMPro50.
    Any IEM with MMCX connectors should work.
    sabatar likes this.
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