New MP3 Player Recommendation - Best Sound Quality
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Cowon does lack a little bit of bass punch as compared to sony MP3 players but if you combine that with heavy bass headphones (SENNs CX 500 etc ) the audio quality is pretty darn good....
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Originally Posted by FlavioWolff /img/forum/go_quote.gif
nice! how about Cowon D2?
Im trying to find the best synergy with SE530, and my main options now are Sansa Fuze, Sony A810 series and Cowon D2.
I would like to know which one will have better synergy with SE530...
to OP: sorry for "stealing" your topic, but this is almost like an audio quality thread... any complaints, please reply.

D2 + SE530 is a great combo.
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Originally Posted by Lil' Knight /img/forum/go_quote.gif
D2 + SE530 is a great combo.

Ty for reply. May you detail it a bit more: what are the strong points of D2 paired with SE530? Ty!
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I like the little Sansa Clip. Its cute, cheap, and i hear it sounds great........but what do you do with it when the irreplaceable battery dies? If it had a replaceable battery, id say it would be one of the best mini-players. Id certainly take it over an ipod shuffle because at least you can see what song is playing because it has a screen. Its also cheaper.

I heard the Cowan Iaudio 7, at a meet......i was floored!
It sounded so good that i told its owner i hated,(because i will probably have to buy yet another player ).
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Hey, out of interest how does the Sandisk Clip/Sansa stack up in terms of bass punch compared to the Walkmans or the D2?
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Originally Posted by Drag0n /img/forum/go_quote.gif
but what do you do with it when the irreplaceable battery dies?

By the time that happens you'll be ready for a new player. Most are disposable these days, I think.
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I own the latest A-series walkman (A826) and I have to say it's the best sounding bass of all portable players! Sound quality is superb, even with no EQ. But again, what most impresses me is the quality of the bass compared to other players. It's just much more powerful, deep, visceral! You know it's a good amp because it can deliver that much energy without effort, because bass frequencies are the most energy demanding. You have to have a very good amplifier to be able to drive bass frequencies that easily.

Anyway, besides that, the overall quality is excellent. You have useful sound improvements like the DSEE (which is great for low bitrate material), Clear Bass (the best "bass boost" that I know of, it adds a certain quality to the bass, seems more articulate, distinctive, unlike many other brands which simply put more gain in the lower frequencies like an eq boost, the sony Clear Bass seems to have a more complex algorithm behind it, making a more natural sounding boost) and Clear Stereo, there's never distortion because the player limits the volume so no distortion is ever heard, two customizable eq presets (very useful).
Treble and mids are very balanced, very detailed, and that BASS, oh that bass

Compared it with ipods (real mediocre sound) and creative zen x-fi, and heard quite a big difference. Haven't heard the cowon nor the sansa models, but I truly believe the sony model is superior in sound quality overall! Even my 5 year-old sony discman sounds better than the latest ipod
haha. Honest!
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Try listening to Justice or any other bass heavy material and you can truly hear/feel the difference! It just slams the bass in your head and you feel like you're in a club!
Will soon get my new pair of senns ie8 and then I guess I'll be in heaven XD
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I also like the Cowon D2+ a lot since it has a more neutral sound. Bass roll off doesn't occur if you use an external amp. I have yet to experience it with my K701's or DT880's.
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Originally Posted by hkimo /img/forum/go_quote.gif
How About Kenwood?

I can tell you that no much people here even know its existence, even it is extremely good player, rated as top tier DAP above D2+, X1060 those mediocre players in place other than North America.

KenwoodHD60GD9 is doomed to fail due to its poor market tactics. Who is gonna buy 500USD player without even having a popular sale channel in North America

People in North America raving about mighty D2/ I7 has no way to know it is just entry level of audiophile player
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Sound quality has never been a main selling point of ipods. Their selling points have generally been space, looking cool, being trendy, ease of use, good UI, etc. Sound Quality isn't really a part of the equation. Supposedly some of their models have decent or even "good" SQ, but I don't think many people would consider them anywhere near the best.
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Well, they may have a very small library and don't have much of a problem with putting flac on it, or maybe the difference seems so noticeable to them that they don't want to have anything in the back of their mind about how the SQ could be better if only they used lossless.

I'm not really a fan of lossless on portables, but a lot of people probably think it's stupid to spend $500 on headphones too. To each his own.

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