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New member of the audiophile family! Excited to learn

  1. rotaspeed
    Hello there fellow head fi members, I'm a bass love that just bought a topping d10, magni 3 and a pair of dt770s 80 ohm. Would love to hear about people's suggestions(budget suggestions would be best) of some good bass headphones or anything to help me get better bass out of my current ones right now.
  2. serman005
    If you are looking to add another pair of bass-prominent headphones, what is the budget? Do you find the DT770 80 ohm lacking in bass (that would be a bit surprising)?
  3. kendosperling
    The only thing I would suggest beside another headphone if you are not satisfied with the dt770s is a shiit loki to enhance the bass with your existing setup.
  4. rotaspeed
    Its not that the dt770s are low on the bass like they are great and imo very balanced, i think the right term of what im looking for is sub bass
  5. rotaspeed
    are external eq's better than software eq?
  6. kendosperling
  7. gazzington
    Run away while you can and save money! If you want bass head headphones then the hard to find JVC sz2000s are the king's. Otherwise campfire cascades have very good bass
  8. rotaspeed
    its too late man! im already looking for a decent pair of planars
  9. smeksime
    It could also be the genre of music you listen to. Schiit Loki would be a good start (15 day money back if it’s not what you’re looking for). Sub bass is more generalized as a feeling and not a sound. This can be easily achieved via equalizer or as simple as listening to the right type of music.
  10. boomhaur
    Try the True-fi trial and enable base boost and see if you like the changes it makes.
  11. fernandocuello
    General suggestions: take everything EVERYONE says with a grain of salt. Too much subjectivism lowers the quality of discourse when weighted equally, but when sorted can do wonders. Basically, be careful with what you take into account!
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  12. katulu
    If you want great bass with a beautiful sound, try to find some used Mark I Fostex TH900.
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