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New IEM 40-80. For traveling

  1. jensenks
    I'm looking to buy some new IEMs. I listen to all kinds of music, and I'll be using them with my Nexus One Smartphone.
    Overall sound and comfort are my preferences (They will mostly be used while traveling)
    I've been looking at these candidates:
    Klipsch Image S4
    Sennheiser CX 300-II
    Denon AH-C360
    Etymotic MC5
    Bose In-Ear
    But please recommend others if you don't consider these the best in the price range.
    I really appreciate all the help I can get, because I don't really know a lot about this.
  2. JxK
    How will you be traveling? On foot, airplane, car, etc? Will you be sedentary or mobile? I ask because those factors (especially background noise) will affect the recommended IEM.
  3. jensenks
    I'll be using them for all kinds of traveling. But mostly on airplane, car, bus and train, so that would be sedentary I guess
  4. jensenks
  5. ljokerl Contributor
    Those are really all over the place in every aspect, from sound signature to isolation and fit, which may explain why noone is voting. They aren't really competing products. 
    If you want the maximum isolation for your plane travels, however, it's got to be the MC5. The deep fit will take time to get used to but for total silence on planes they are very hard to beat.
  6. jensenks
    Alright. There is a offer on the Sennheiser IE6 on newsegg. Are these good IEM's for 80 dollar? (They seem to be getting mixed reviews) And are they any good for traveling?
  7. ljokerl Contributor
    Isolation is average at best but otherwise they are decent. $80 is the absolute most I would pay for them - the MSRP is a joke. If you want some more IEMs to look at in the price range, check out the Fischer Audio Eterna and Brainwavz M2. I like them better than everything on your list except the MC5.

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