New Eastsound CDP
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Hi, Sorry for the time taken - I had assumed I would get notification from the Forum software on posts - I didn't.

The new remote arrived yesterday - perfect - Cattylink are great to deal with.

I upgraded the speaker cable and shifted the amp so that I had smaller runns - now using 3 metres of Lfd to each speaker. Small difference but the CD player just continues to grow in my estimation. A FULL writeup will follow in due course.

A stunning machine - a friend who came to listen was concerned that he would have to let his other half know he now intended to upgrade his hi-fi to this level. He described the sound as 3D. Damien Rice, Kings of Leon, Pink Floyd, Dvorjak - stunning reproduction and so like my preferred Turntable sound - no suspension for me (Rega with AT MC). I honestly forget that I am listening to CD - no processing artefacts that I can detect.


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I have not heard the M. I am sure it is better than the origianl E5 and E5 Signature.


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Why is that? I can't really see anything of note that they've improved in the technology. The M certainly has a sleeker look to it though.

What I'm more interested in, personally, is if the M vs. Platinum is similar to the E5 vs. Signature. The Signature was effectively the same player as the E5, with just a different colour and perhaps different internal wiring. If the Platinum has similar 'upgrades' over the M, it is likely not worth the premium price tag.

EDIT: After looking at the product pages and pictures, it seems that the M is actually a newer product than the Platinum, since it uses a new chassis. The Platinum does have an AES/EBU input, which is nice, but it isn't really clear what else is different between it and the E5/E5 Signature.

EDIT2: My personal favourite: "Crazy Expensive Platinum wire employed for the noble and precise sonic presentation."

Well, it took years to develop the E5 Platinum Reference. Many components and their wiring was experimented with. A new (compared to the E5 Sign.) DAC and other parts were finalized on after extensive comparisons.

The result, in my opinion is the best CDP for 6 K (USD) or less. The E5 Platinum Reference significantly outclasses the Rega Saturn in all audio dimensions:

Now the M is based on the E5 Platinum Reference. I have not heard it, but others, who have, tell me it is much better than the E5 Signature.

I would stand my headphone system, centered on the E5 Platinum Reference CDP, against any other system in the world. I have invited anyone who wishes to come listen to my system with their own CDs.

I am now between Ocala and Dunnellon in Florida, not too far from Orlando, Gainesville or Tampa (almost in the center of these three cities).

Please come listen to my system if you are ever in this area.
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Will do, and I extend that invitation to you as well Art.

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