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New Audio Technica flagships

  1. Fidelity King
    Here are some pictures from their new M70x and R70x plus the limited edition dg M50x. ath_m50xdg_1_sq.jpg
  2. NA Blur
    Flagships or rehashes of the M50 and AD2000?
  3. kazuhikoaikawa
    Any information about the price and specs, is it release and for sale?
  4. Fidelity King

    The m50x dg is just a dark green m50. The m70x is the new flagship to m series. The r70x is not part of the ad series and is more like a professional variant to the 1000x. The m70x will cost $420 while the r70x will cost $490. Just as a note the r70x have an impedance of 470 ohms.
  5. kazuhikoaikawa
    Audio Technica ATH-R70x  (http://www.audio-technica.co.jp/mi/show_model.php?modelId=2688) - Released in March 20
    Audio Technica ATH-M70x  (http://www.audio-technica.co.jp/mi/show_model.php?modelId=2679) - Release in February 20
    Audio Technica ATH-M50xDG (http://www.audio-technica.co.jp/mi/show_model.php?modelId=2680) - Release in February 20
    Waiting anxiously.[​IMG]
    Thanks for infomation.[​IMG]
  6. doco
     it seems like the R70X will be march 20, 2015. i'm going to keep my eyes on that headphone and see what others say. all i have to say is the new wing system (again) better not be a dud compared to the ATH-AD second gen wing systems.
  7. Fadem
    That's a significant mark-up on the M70x compared to the M50x, but I'm interested in it nonetheless... And is it me or did they just skip the M60x entirely in the series?
    Edit: I'm slow... I guess this means that the IM50 is the IEM equivalent of the M50(x) and the IM70 is the IEM equivalent of the M70x.
  8. Fidelity King
    Obviously :information_desk_person:. Looks like the m70 will be made out of metal.
  9. TonyK101
    I'm really digging the M70x's! Cant wait to hear what they sound. I'm assuming these are more geared toward monitoring.
  10. dardar
    r70x looks incredible - might have to start saving

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