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New Audio-gd R7 (R2R 7) & R8 Flagship Resistor Ladder DACs

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Currawong, Jun 30, 2017.
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  1. ungawa
    Worth getting a reputable one - The first one I ordered the vendor sent the wrong thing, plus 1 failure so far (PC crashes on connection) - it’s literally stopped me in my tracks.
  2. Toni-Mang
    My Blaster is "original" Audio GD Equipment...it was in the static bag...
  3. Chopin75
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  4. Toni-Mang
    Yes, same as the "in my static bag" one :)
  5. nikko510
    Yes, I've been like this for three years and it's good.
  6. DACLadder
    Went back to TDA Asy firmware on the R7 after using V3A while the the DA7 V2 DAC modules cooked a bit. The "magic" experienced before DAC module change is returning. Plus the Singxer SU-6 is settling down as well. TDA Asy (PCM) with a low jitter I2S source is amazing. Crisp clear highs, good bass, and great imaging.

    44.1kHz Redbook files are fantastic with TDA Asy (OS8). Don't know why but they sound exceptional.
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  7. FredA
    Hi guys.

    The m3 is still improving after over 6 weeks. As i mentioned recently, bass control is top notch now.

    Also, since two days ago, the macrodynamics have signficantly improved. This is the area that was still lacking, except for the low end punch, which has been awesome for a while.

    The bass drum kicks have had great authority for a couple of weeks in fact. Bass control has been absolutely awesome. Your can hear that the 1000w rating under 2 ohms is for real (for peak demand, not in continuous of course as the transfos can "only" supply 750w). My loudspeakers can dig down to 25hz, so i can attest of this with certitude. Drums solos sound real.

    I estimate i have put 600h on it so far i would tend to say it's now 98% there. I can now make the call it's a splendid amp and an absolute steal. It is so rich sounding, and by this i don't mean it puts emphasis on the mids, it does not. The mids just carry more info and textures. And first and foremost, it sounds analog, as Kingwa himself states on the description page. The highs have no grain whatsoever.

    I am gonna try overall heavier gauge homemade acss cables within the next weeks. I ordered litz wire meant for headphones with high occ silver contents. Hoping to get some more speed out of it, but as it has been for a couple of days, the M3 have no more caveat. I just need to make final integration by finding the best matching cables.
    Last edited: May 18, 2019
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  8. UsoppNoKami
    I've been running TDA Async OS 8X on my Master-11S with the Acusilicon clocks and Singxer SU-6 I2S (RJ-45, my unit is an older build without HDMI). The Acusilicons are probably at about 300 hours so far. I think this is the best my system has ever sounded, very happy :)
  9. Turdski
    @FredA You're making me really want to order a Master 3. I am very much enjoying my pair of bridged-mono Precision 3S amps (with MUSES 8920) with my R-28... it's kind of insane how good they sound for the money. I would like to hold off until I can afford a pair of Master-2H amps though.

    @DACLadder Are you finding you're missing any detail going from the V3A from the TDA Asy? I have a USB blaster on order, so I'll eventually be able to gauge for myself. I'm very content with the V3A (though I haven't installed my Accusilicons yet).
  10. FredA
    You would ideally have to upgrade the whole chain of course, unless your speakers are tough to drive, then you would benefit from the upgrade.

    The M3 really needs 600 hours of burn-in to give you the total package. What's really amazing is you get the best attributes of both a big and a small amp.
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  11. FredA
    @Turdski Or ask Kingwa what he thinks. He mentioned the m3 was more transparent than the a1 for instance. The gain stages are fed with independent transfos and are topped with an aluminum plate to minimize vibrations. And the design uses no feedback at all. This could possibly be worth it and moreso if you speakers are power-hungry. But remember that the m3 is HUGE.
  12. DACLadder
    With a low jitter I2S source I am not missing anything with TDA Asy.vs V3A. You should try it for yourself!

    Added later.... TDA Asy is interesting. Doesn't seem as loud as V3A but the power meters on my amp indicate more power is being delivered to the headpnones if I set volume by "ear".. With a low jitter I2S source the highs are better defined than V3A with a lot of detail. Bass is strong and maybe more so than V3A. V3A OS8 seems warmer that TDA Asy OS8 in broad strokes.

    I liked TDA Asy even with the standard XOs and V1 DAC modules. Low jitter I2S source is key to getting the most out of TDA Asy. .
    Last edited: May 19, 2019
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  13. Toni-Mang
    Same exporience, TDAasy seems to be not as loud as V3a, but imaging is different, more spacious. Maybe at the cost of a little bit juce and force. Not better/worse different and again a question of taste. I like it!
    Ordered V2 boards and the Amanero Clocks...
    Last edited: May 20, 2019
  14. DACLadder
    The SIngxer SU-6 has been used about 1 month. Went back to the Gustard U16 today and the U16 shines, sparkles, and more liquid of the two DDCs. The SU-6 has better dynamics but seems overdone at this young stage. After changing back to the U16 the DA7 V2s are maturing quite nicely. The "magic" has returned to the R7.

    Gustard U16 HDMI I2S -> R7 -> TDA Asy firmware -> Acusilicon XOs -> DA7 V2 DAC modules are a great combination!

    The U16 works much better on my PC with the ASIO driver and buffer size set to 512 samples at 44.1kHz. Still has a few idiosyncrasies but understood. The SU-6 has been flawless in operation except once where I got static on HDMI I2S after a cold start with V3A firmware. Reboot and all OK.
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  15. Turdski
    @FredA Yeah, I actually wouldn't have room on my current component/TV stand for a Master 3. I could make a pair of Master 2Hs work, but as you said, I would really need to be upgrading my DAC and preamp as well – which is the plan (R7 plus Master 1 AND Master 9*).

    @DACLadder Thanks for your thoughts on V3A vs. TDA Asy. I find the R-28 is just a bit less dynamic than the Master 9 was when I had one, so hopefully the TDA Asy will be plenty dynamic, as it otherwise sounds like a step in the right direction.

    *Kingwa said I could order a Master 1 with two pairs of ACSS outputs (long story; was thinking of getting a Master 3 for passive bass units, and Master 2H for my main speakers, but will likely do powered subwoofers from MJ Acoustics, or custom active bass units by my speaker builder guy), so I assume I could get a DAC with two pairs of ACSS outputs, and then run a longer set of ACSS interconnects to my nearby desk for headphone listening.
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