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New Audio-gd R7 (R2R 7) & R8 Flagship Resistor Ladder DACs

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Currawong, Jun 30, 2017.
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  1. Wynnytsky
    I assumed there were always smooth and accurate versions (let's call them v1)
    Then updates to both were made (I think I saw v3 on the file names)
    So you went from a v1 smooth to v3 smooth, then back to v1 smooth?
    I'm guessing I went from v1 accurate to v3 smooth.
  2. FredA

    I think i went from smooth to accurate to smooth. But I will email Kingwa to find out.
  3. FredA
    Confirmed by Kingwa: i have the smooth version now. The other one was not as musical and did not have as good imaging and layering.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2017
  4. remoss
    In a few weeks I have the opportunity to compare the R2R7 and the R2R HE7. I am curious about the differences!
  5. FredA
    Me too.
  6. oneguy
    I'm looking forward to this comparison :)
  7. tkcha
    I think very good chance to beat holo spring 3 KTE. R2R HE7 looks good
  8. remoss
    The Audio GD R2R7 (without HE) already beats the Holo L3
  9. tkcha
    I am not sure about that anybody compare side by side ? I own holo spring 3 KTE.
  10. tkcha
    and U say that because some one say that or your own listen ?
  11. tkcha
    I always say thing with my listening experince .
  12. remoss
    I did, the Audio GD wins for sure,
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2017
  13. tkcha
    Would you give more detail please .
  14. remoss
  15. tkcha
    So you are THE reviewer ?
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