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New AKG K92, K72 and K52 Closed-Back Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by fastandclean, Feb 15, 2016.
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  1. tdogzthmn
    Got another few days of listening in with the K52 and still really happy with the sound.  They are sounding more relaxed and less metallic in the treble.  The midbass is nice and punchy when called for and the overall sound is clean and even.
    Some of the shortfalls I notice are the cheap pad material which just looks/feels cheap and tends to make my ears a little sweaty after an hour or so of being on my head.  I also wish the headphones provided better isolation from the outside.  I might open up the headphones later and see if there is room to add some damping material to try and block out more outside sound.
    All in all these are awesome headphones from AKG and I look forward to more serious comparisons with them and my K400 and K240DF.
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  2. B427
    Hey. I had the 52's recently - 2 things 1: very comfortable, good sound, good volumes, and to answer your question, fully encompassed my ears which was wonderful. (Average ear size). The bad was that the connection was crap. They had the kind of connection that if it turned, you'd lose a speaker.. So I returned them. The K72 has the screw connector which is a reason I'm thinking of those.
  3. B427
    K52 - crap connector - lose a speaker if it turns. 
    K 72 and 92 have screw connector - should fix problem. 
    I play bass. Speakers sounded great. 
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  4. Neeedles
    Im really surprised that most people and reviews are praising these headphones. I got the k72 a few days ago and i was very dissapointed with the sound. Id actually say that they sound horrible. There is too much lower mids around 500hz. Like seriously way too much. The really low bass (around 60hz) are fine but the higher bass are way too loud as well. The mid sound of these headphones will tire your ears quickly and its just annoying to listen to. But i boigh them for recording purposes only so the sound quality doesnt matter as much. If i compare the sound to my samson sr850s, its like the k72s are some cheap ****ty cans. Now that i think of it they remind me of the koss porta pros. The samsons are the best headphones i ever had for mixing, i even sold the akg701s because i just didnt need them after trying out the sr850. So if youre looking for cheap headphones for mixing(open back) than go for the samsons. But if you jist want headphones that isolate well and are very comfortable. This akg series does that well. But the sound is very bad in my opinion.
  5. Shredder11
    Some of the reviews for the K72 really put me off buying them, and in the end I bought a pair of K271 MkII to add to my K712 PRO.  I'm very satisfied with both of the models I chose, although the K271 MkII are uncomfortable for medium to long listening sessions, whereas the K712 PRO are heavenly to wear for hours on end.
  6. luedriver
    can anyone compare the k52 with philips shl3300 dj?
  7. luedriver
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  8. AndronOne
    AKG K92 seems to a great headphone
  9. BDT770
    Can anyone tell how they compare against DT770 / 32 ? :)
    I need a secondary cheap headphone and found this on some shop... do they worth ? I'm referring to K92. Or how they are compared to the akg 240 mk II or 612PRO.
  10. Atrax GTi
    I've been looking at te K52s for my next headphones, since my Sennheiser HD201s died.
    Can someone help me out with the choice? The reviews of the k52 are great overall on the web, specially for the price, but here I'm seeing mixed impressions.
    Just to put my preferences and needs in a context, I was very happy with my HD201, they were what I would call neutral and a bit low on the base, but I sorted that in the equilizer and I've been very happy with them for three years, and the sound they produced. I mostly play games and watch movies, but I don't need or want "gaming" headphones, I'd like a nice balanced neutral pair, I don't need my head to explode from the bass. And I don't use them outside, so even though the noise isolation on the HD201s wasn't the best, it was still great for my usage.
    Also, the budget is about what a K52s are.
    In the store I'm buying from, the choices are in that budget: ALESIS DRP-100, PIONEER SE-M531, AKG K77, MARANTZ MPH-1, AKG K99, AKG K72...
    Here's the link at the store, basically the budget is up to K72 level (412,00kn). http://www.mediastore.hr/41-studijske-slusalice?orderby=price&orderway=asc
    So, I'd say the most important factor here is that I used HD201 before and I was very happy with them, that says the most about my needs and preferences,  I'd be fine with buying another pair, but I'm willing to pay a bit more for better headphones than those.
    If someone has a better suggestion than the ones in this store, please do tell, I can look in other stores for the ones not listed here. So basically, the set has to be over-ear, closed or open doesn't really matter that much, but preferably closed, i plug them in directly in the motherboard, it has a built in dac, not the best solution, I know, but it's better than nothing.
    I'm pretty sure the K52 would be a great upgrade compared to HD201s, but the more impressions I read, the more distracted I get. I'm also aware that probably most of you guys here have a lot higher expectations and needs from the headphones than I do, so maybe I shouldn't read in to it that much.
    Thank you in advance,
  11. Bla4444
    Hi. I get the k 92. It is not a bad headphone but in my opinion not in the league of 242 hd. I have k 514 witch look similar to the k 99 (maybe they are the same), but do not really like them. For me k 92 is much more comfortable than k 99, and soundvise better too. There are mixed reviews about k 92 so i had to buy to judge it. I have to agree it can sounds a little muddy sometimes, but lot of headphone require patience, to get use to them.
  12. Atrax GTi

    The K92s are over my budget, and honestly if I went that high, i'd rather pick upt the ATH M20x.
    I'm leaning now heavily towards the K52s after all, because according to raw specs and reviews, they are a leaque above my old HD201s, and I was happy with those. Plus, I can get a discount for the k52s, some 10$ off, so it seems like a really good bang for the buck.
  13. GarageBoy
    Any one compare it to the classic k271/k240? So many mixed reviews
  14. dgindlespergerd
    Picked up the K52 yesterday used for $10.00 as I wanted a low cost pair of closed cans.
    I have to say they sound great and have a nice soundstage. They are more comfortable than my superlux 668B and sound as good.
    That is all for now.
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  15. trellus
    Really hard to pass up for that price! And the 668B are well liked budget cans, so that's pretty high praise for a $10 purchase.
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