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New AKG K92, K72 and K52 Closed-Back Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by fastandclean, Feb 15, 2016.
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  1. FastAndClean
    I can't find a thread for these new AKG studio headphones, they seem interesting.

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  2. phpp
    I'd be interested in that too.
    I found a review on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/headphones/comments/3ybb8w/my_review_of_the_brand_new_50_akgk52_because/
    Here's a fluffy video from GuitarCenter:

    Here's a review of the K52:
    And another one:

    I'd love to see a more in depth review on them.
  3. FastAndClean
    k92 look very nice, and they are cheap
  4. wgb113
    I ordered a pair of K92. Looks like they're being released next Monday. Interested to see how they compare to the K271mkII and K553.

  5. travis-bickle
    as a very satisfied owner of the r70x i'm eagerly looking for compatible circular earpads with large inner diameter.
    has someone the new pads in their hands, can measure the inner diameter/depth and can confirm they will fit on at-phones?
  6. wega03
    Did you get your k92?? And how they compare to the k553?
  7. FastAndClean
    Please give us your impressions, i want something with flat and clean sound with good isolation.
  8. wgb113
    They were back ordered. Musicians Friend said they're shipping tomorrow.
  9. wgb113
    They finally arrived today and are burning in. They're very lightweight and nice looking cans. Throwing them on to see how they feel, the Earpads are large enough to cover my entire ear, but on the shallow side. That said, they're more comfortable than the K241mkII.
    The new suspension system resembles a 3/4" ribbon that doesn't seem to stretch but let's the headband ride along with it somehow. The headband itself is a thinly padded vinyl affair, the Earpads a decent enough pleather. The gold band seems to be metal of some sort, the rest of the package is nicely done plastics.
    The non-detachable cable seems typical AKG fare, with the screw on 1/4" setup not allowing use on portable devices with some cases.
    With no music playing and a TV on at normal volume they don't seem to isolate that well. Throw some tunes on at a normal volume and everything else around you melts away.
    First impressions from a sound standpoint is that they're mid-forward with a flat/dryness to the bass and treble. That flatness extends to their sound staging as well. Everything's pretty much coming right from the sides of your head.
    Again, very early first impressions. While they're not wowing me straight out of the box I have to remind myself they're a $60 pair of cans. Taking that into consideration they certainly don't offend in any way and are a nice, if limited listen. They sound equally well driven straight from my iPhone and from my Oppo HA-1.

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  10. r0msk1
    How I wish you've had ordered K72. But anyways, K92 is just additional ~$12 expensive. All-black just catches my eye.

    I also wish somebody would review and compare these to superlux 668b, 330, and 681 EVO (either or both) which designs are directly related to AKGs.
  11. alynx
    Have your impressions changed over the last month?
  12. Arvan
    I have both the HD330 and the 681 evo and i think the K92 is more neutral and flat sounding. The HD330 and 681 evo are a joy to listen to, but no way flat in their signature. I have not listened to the K92 yet but since it´s a some what AKG studio monitor my guess is that its going to have a rather flat signature ala K240/242 etc. Will probably get my hands on it late april.
  13. wgb113
    I've been busy with a new pair of speakers and haven't really had a chance to listen to them much I'm afraid to say.
  14. Arvan
    Listened to the k92 and the k72 and they sound the same, really. I would not notice if they swapped them out out of my sight and put them on my head. I did not really like the sound though. Sounded kind of hollow and the treble is not as refined as on the open back versions like k240 mk2 which is a really good headphone for the money. 
    Comfort is absolutely superb though! The pads are great and the fit is really really comfortable. 
    My impressions are based on 3 tracks out of my phone during lunch break so have that in mind. They might get better with burn-in. Out of the box i think the ATH M40X is a better buy. 
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  15. donunus
    any more impressions on these? are they musical enough to be fun to listen to?
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