Need recs for relatively flat phones under $100
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Aug 13, 2013
I started dabbling with making beats again. I don’t have any studio monitors, nor do I plan on getting a pair anytime soon. I need some recs for a solid pair of headphones for under $100.

I’m not making music for anyone but myself, so they don’t need to be the most accurate phones ever. But I do like to hear some bass so a little boosted bass is a good thing.

If I could go back in time, I’d re-buy my all-time favorite phones, the Audio-Technica ATH-m40fs. It was pretty flat but with boosted bass, and so comfortable that I could wear them all day long. They were best $60 I ever spent (I happened upon a crazy good deal).

And (of course) they’d have to be wired, to avoid latency.

Looking forward to hearing what y’all recommend!
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Some recent favorites I got recently is the AKG K371 pro which don't need an amp and bass is nice but not too much. The Hifiman HE400i 2016 version is cheap on eBay sometimes, and much more comfortable than the new ones. Also they equalize really well to bring up some bass when needed.
If used, the DT770 250ohm is really good and easy to find. The bass extends well, but not like the 80 ohm version which was too much for me.
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It came down to the AKG K371 & the new Rode NTH-100. The AKG won because my eldest had the K361, which I gave a good long listen to yesterday and loved - analytical but still enjoyable.

The low end was not as prominent as my old ATH-m40fs, which is what I imagine the m50x is similar too. The low end was tight and didn’t mask the mids at all. Treble was good without being annoying.

Until my test yesterday, I’d only used consumer gear for listening for the last 10 years and some of the details I heard through the K361 literally brought tears to my eyes.
I got the K371 instead of the K361 due to near identical frequency response, but a touch more bass, removable cables, and a better build overall. I was super-tempted by the Rode but I'd be stupid to pass up one that I actually tried & liked.

And yes - went over my budget by 50%

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