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Need Help: Sennheiser IE7 vs Monster Beats in-Ear headphones !

  1. ahbee1628
    Hi guys ,
    I have read many other post on these site but still have some questions left unaswered !  
    (1)  Which ones are better? Please make it more detailed as to why and if possible your opinion on the pros and cons of each one.
         ( I used to like bass, but now that i have been shown what real SQ is i have chucked away my crappy Ipod headphones xD; i would prefer headphones that has a great soundstage, warm... but also have great bass for those rnb and techno etc.)
    (2)  Is the Sennheiser IE7 worth £120 in your opinion ? (One again please be more detailed as to why you think that.) 
    (3)  Is the Sennheiser IE7 over-the-ear mount comfortable? Please provide a photo of you having the IE7s in if you could so i can          see what it looks like. (Btw i have glasses so do you think it'll be less comfortable etc.)
    (4)  Is there anything in your opinion that is better than the 2? (Similar price range guys ! :p )
    Many Thanks Guys ! Hope you can help me decide on which one to buy !!! ...
    aH:B   [​IMG]

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