Need Advice on selling headphones and buying new ones.
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Jun 15, 2009
I currently have a pair of Shure SE530's in good shape, and recently bought a pair of Logitech UE6000. What i have been pondering is, selling both pair and getting something nicer. How much do you think i can get for my shures. I have the original box and all the paper work. The Logitechs are only about a month old so i think i could probably get around 150 for them. Another option is to send my 530s in and pay 240 and get some 535s. Which direction do you think i should go what headphones would you suggest, with you seeing what i am used to. Thanks in advance for any advice. **Edit** I would be looking for over the ear. I just recently graduated college and got a job where i am sitting at a desk for 10 hours a day. After 10 hours with the se530s my ears were just sore, so i guess thats why i am moving to over the ear. I also think i am getting more sound from larger headphones.

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