Need a size comparison of Klipsch Ovals
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Headphoneus Supremus
Sep 3, 2006
I need some help from someone who has tried Klipsch oval tips and some of the other common tips to tell me how the sizing compares. I want to buy some ovals, but I don't own Klipsch phones. I have tried several other tips, so if someone who has used any of these could comment on which Klipsch oval would correspond to any of these in size:

Shure Black Olives Average
Shure Yellow Foam
Comply Short
Comply Slim
Comply Standard
Ety Triple-Flange

For example, if the Shure Average Olive fits me, does that mean I should probably buy the medium Klipsch oval?
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well ive used the ety triple, shure medium olives and the klipsch. typically medium is the size that works for me the best but with the klipsch i can use either large or medium.

i can put up an image of the olives compared to the klipsch sometime later tonight if no one does that since its hard to give a good description without giving you some pictures to compare for yourself
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sorry for the bad images but this is what you get

from left to right: small double flange gel, medium gel, large gel, medium olive


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Hey, i'm under the same situation. My medium bi-flanges just broke up, which appears to be only universal set of tips that fit my ears, damnit. Anyone dare to help me selecting the right size of olives so I don't have to succumb to guess it?

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