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Need a recommendation for a closed protable(ish) headphones under 200$

  1. Renato Fury
    If it is with the space that the headphone would make in the backpack, would not an IEM be better?
  2. SilenceFiction
    That should answer your question.
  3. buke9
    The V Modas are a lot of fun if you want bass . I also found them fairly comfortable too.
  4. Renato Fury
    Grandpa Brent my partner, taking advantage of this topic tell me, have you ever tested the Beoplay H6 ? I would like to see a comparison between it and the V-Fashion Crossfade M-100.
  5. buke9
    Sorry have not heard them.
  6. Renato Fury
    So let's talk about V-Moda anyway, do you think it has a very serious bass that overlaps the other frequencies? And how does it behave with slower, melodious songs like classical and jazz ?
  7. SilenceFiction
    You filthy theifing thread hijacker!

    Im kidding, I'd love to hear the answer for that too. :)
  8. Renato Fury
    HEHE, you're right, I'm tired of focusing on a specific topic :k701smile:, but the dear @buke9 will not respond, he's tired of helping me thanks to my indecision and the many questions I've asked him last months, but honestly I would not buy a headphone just because of the portability, for me the sound is the most important, so I think you could take another look at ATH-MSR7, I have never used both but I believe it is better than the V-Moda.
    SilenceFiction likes this.
  9. SilenceFiction
    Thank you for your insight, I absolutely agree with what you said about aound vs. portability, but I think the V-moda will satisfy me regarding sound quality
  10. buke9
    No I don’t think the V-Modas step too hard on the other frequencies but they are bass heavy headphones and you can’t have a headphone that is that bass heavy that does everything great.

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