need a help with diy imod
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May 29, 2009
Hello, im trying to make imod, but i am a bit confused of one note from admin

» page two

"It is no longer recommended to desolder anything from the iPod logic board. Desoldering these components makes for a much weaker connection, but soldering the wires to their pads while they’re still on the board makes for a much stronger connection with a lower chance of ruining the expensive-to-replace logic board."

basic outline of the mod
1. Open the iPod
2. Desolder the capacitors near the DAC.
3. Desolder the inductors by the dock connector.
4. Route a wire.
5. Close the iPod.
6. Create the dock connector with capacitors.

So it means that i can skip second and third step? So i will only open my ipod, route a wire and close the ipod, am i right or not?

Thank you
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indeed it does, though its still better than a non-working ipod. if you are confident I still recommend removing them, but if not its a good place to start not removing them.

would be interesting to put a scope accross the old LO after the cheats version and see whats going on there
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well yeah I get your point, but what I mean is put the scope across ground and close to but not at the point we solder the other end to on the original circuit board trace. some point along that circuit that is supposed to be being bypassed and see how much signal is still passing through there. you with me??

this is without removing the smd parts as Jon suggests
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Totally understand, I'm just a perfectionist and I don't have a scope.
Going on pure theory.
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Originally Posted by FallenAngel /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Totally understand, I'm just a perfectionist and I don't have a scope.
Going on pure theory.

hehe perfectionist without a scope hmm guess that makes for some frustration??
but i'm with you, unless specifically asked I wouldnt leave them there either; but hey thats just me..errm us

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