Need A Headphone NOW!
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Apr 29, 2013
I'm a man and i need help. i have been looking for a new pair of headphones and the most i will spend is $300 USD. i want to know which is better for home use open or closed headphones? btw my house is silent 95% of the time so.... yeah. i have these sony mdr-xb500 and they make my ears sweat quickly (1 hour of use). i don't want that type of headphones. what i'm looking for most is comfort, sound quality don't care much for portability. i will be using these headphones for my desktop, tv and home console. also not planning on getting a amplifier anytime soon.
now, from what i have found these last 2 days is that most people keep saying senn HD598 is best then mad dog then akg then hifiman............ too many and still don't know which is which
if you must know i mostly listen to soundtracks without vocals(video games) 
examples of no vocals

[size=1em]  [/size]
just to name a few.
i'm not into too much bass i want it well balanced on all specs
hopefully you can help me find the right one.
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Aug 2, 2012
Then your looking for the Sony mdr ma900. Its a massive 70mm driver open headphone that is waaaay more comfortable than any other can I've ever owned. Theyre also the lightest.

Comfort isn't the only thing this baby does well, it has a massive sound stage for games and music and has the bass to satisfy. Just look up MDR Ma900 review, you'll see a comparison between the ma900 and hd598.

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