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NCM "Bella" - (1)10cm DD (8) BA - Universal/Custom

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  1. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
  2. Ahmad313
    It looks beautiful , how about the sound quality/signature and some informations about the manufacturer ,
  3. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Made in Vietnam by a guy from S. Korea. You can google for links. I am not link dropping as he is not trying to hype.

    My comments about a set of Hybrid that could deliver thunder bass but also mids and sparkle...(the sparkle is pretty uncommon. Even sets with 4 BA for treble can be smooth.)....he apparently read my comments but not here...in a video.

    He can manufacture a limited amount so tours and hyping are not the point. He estimated..I think? That I would appreciate what he created...and I do.
    This is what i expected from the Kumitate LAB sets.

    Their description:

    Bella uses 8 BA Drivers and a Single 10mm Dynamic Driver with 4 way passive crossovers with 3 stainless steel bores. You can listen to all genres of music with this model. It delivers awesome sub bass without you feeling that the mids and highs are compromised. Highly Recommended for EDM, Drum & Bass, Trance, Orchestra/Symphony.

    Shock proof case
    Soft carrying pouch
    Cleaning tool and cloth
    OFC ultra soft removeable cable

    For More designs . please visit – http://www.vnheadphones.com/product-category/customs-monitors/nguyen-customs/

    20171216_210359.jpg 20171216_211051_001.jpg 20171216_211148_001.jpg

    Between this and the Hiby.....I have had a REALLY good end of 2017
  4. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    20171217_145442.jpg 20171217_145453.jpg

    Trying out the VORZUGE with the bella! Thanks for the loan @talan7 :)
  5. talan7
    She’s a beaut, I’m looking for a new top of line iem. Thinking about the Vega, k10, but this looks like a beast. One things for sure. If she’s capable, the Vorzuge will pull it out.
  6. talan7
    Ha, I can see the bass boost switch on!
  7. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    That is a nice setup for bella. :)
    It hammers. They sent it to me because they thought i could appreciate what they were doing aaaaand they were right. I will have a vid up for the VORZUGE this week. I saw the velcro and hoped it was the correct side for the ARM2...and it was.
  8. talan7
    You have to try it with the z7. To me, the Vorzamp/X7mkII Duo is hard to beat. If you have access to a pair of RBH hp2’s, you will have an awakening in the force (of bass).

    Btw, my kannons finally arrived. I’m putting them through the paces trying to find the proper set up.
  9. talan7
    You’ve got the RBH on the way. Hold the amp till you get it
  10. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Well...hell yeah bro!


    I am going to do the VORZUGE during Christmas vacation.

    I uploaded wrong pic but the Monday...it crushes...will show some more VORZ skin later :wink: Thanks for the another loan :)!!
  11. talan7
    What do you think of it so far?
  12. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Bass of ASG 2.5 and treble of EX1000....mids I am still judging. I might buy this set from them :)
    Ahmad313 likes this.
  13. Ahmad313
    Have you any plan to write a full review for Bella ,??
    cardeli22 likes this.
  14. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Yes, i am going to do a few on my website during my Christmas/New Year break and Bella is one :)
  15. talan7
    I was talking about the amp
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