Mytek Announces Clef Mobile MQA DAC/Amp @ CES 2017

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  1. DarwinOSX
    It’s dampened my interest in the Clef if this is how Mytek does things.
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  2. vaxick
    Disappointing to hear their customer service is ignoring your emails. Mytek should be communicating with customers whose money they are holding onto. I don't understand why this product keeps getting delayed nor why we have heard nothing about it. Especially when they have no issues taking pre-orders on it .
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  3. cardeli22
    Damn that sucks. I hope you get a response soon.
  4. Newsprint
    I also purchased back in mid January 2018. Yet every time I reach out for updates, I get no response. I’m just looking for an update on my order - yet nothing back. Horrible service - actually, no service
  5. Newsprint
    Has anyone received their order or at the very least, heard back from Mytek?
  6. yurivv
    I wrote them a few more times, no answers so far. Now I even doubt if this company still exists. I have never come across such a "service".
  7. DarwinOSX
    There go my plans to buy anything from Mytek.
  8. JerseyD
    I met with Mytek reps at CanJam and actually listened to the Clef (sounded great to the point where I asked if I might be able to stock it in my shop). Talked to two different people at different times. One said with confidence that the Clef will begin shipping the first week of March. He said they were supposed to have their shipment from the manufacturing plant already, but there had been a delay for some reason. The other rep was more non-commital, so I tend to doubt that early March date.
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  9. Newsprint
    Thanks for the update - this gives me some insight as to why I still haven’t received my order. Still not sure why they wouldn’t communicate this to anyone that has made the purchase. Furthermore, their site still claims a February delivery date.
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  10. DarwinOSX
    Thats just piss poor communications by Mytek. They know people have ordered and are waiting plus don't even bother to reply to e-mails?
  11. cardeli22
    Has anyone who pre-ordered had their credit cards charged? If no I would cancel my order. It would not give me the warm and fuzzy feeling that they would return my emails if there was an issue with the Clef.
  12. cardeli22
    So sad too because I'm originally from Brooklyn and wanted something from a Brooklyn audio company. I can't afford their other dacs, so I was looking at the Clef.
  13. MarkF786
    "Our main strategic design and sales headquarters are in Brooklyn, New York, while most manufacturing and programming R&D is conducted in Warsaw, Poland."
  14. Mytek
    Hello Headfiers

    I was just made aware of this thread. I gladly answer QQ about Clef here now.

    To be individually serviced quickly via email tech support system please use ticketing system here:

    or call 347 384 2687

    Best Regards , Michal at Mytek New York
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  15. MarkF786
    Hi Michael, thanks for joining the conversation!
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