My Sennheisers died
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Honey monster

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May 12, 2013
Hey guys,
I'm fairly new to this place. Im looking for some replacement earphones for my Sennheisers (CX300II) which finally gave up on me. The left earphone is not working. Anyway I loved the sound of them, had em cheap from eBay at £11 Inc postage and used em alot for like 9 months, including often going to sleep while wearing them.
The sound was great and they were comfortable to wear but not sure if I should stick with them or see what else is out there that I can get for around £20.
Have used the JVC HAFX1X and the monoprice enhanced bass earphones but found both uncomfortable to wear.
I generally listen to all types of music so want something thats an all rounder, but a little extra bass wouldn't hurt.

Anyway to cut the story short can you guys recommend me some earphones for my budget

Thanks alot
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First off - just in case you haven't noticed, you can ask questions on here as well and usually get more traction/replies  -
Anything in particular you liked about the CX300II sound wise? Any specific characteristics? Can't really think of anything as small and as ergonomic as the Senns at this price - something like the GR99 might fit though - they also have that extra kick you might be looking for, but are generally good all-round.

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