My First Impressions on the audio techinca ad700s.
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May 26, 2012
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May 26, 2012
Having only little time with it as I only received them around 6-7 o clock pm, I am giving my impressions.
Note...This is my opinion and I am hoping to get it accurate as possible. I do not intend to make people purchase this based on my thoughts. This is all personal preference.
Built quality/fit. I found these headphones to not be as comfortable as I hoped for, but for long term use, they are a lot better than my previous headphones. I felt like my ears sank into the inner earcups, as my ears are tiny and the pads are rather large around the edges because of a slight cone shape. They sat on my head pretty well, and they do not feel loose. They are actually somewhat tight. I was hoping a somewhat looser fit, but overall, they are not bad :). The built of the headphones feel really sturdy, yet light. They felt solid and light at the same time. They feel like they are made entirely out of metal, except for the double headband. It states the headphones are made out of aluminum on the box. I find the built to be rather rich feeling, and solid enough.
Sound. Lets start with the bass mainly. 
BASS: People say the bass is little to non existent. I would like to describe it as smooth, relaxing, distant, and controlled. There is definitely bass, and I can feel it. The upper bass is the most powerful aspect of it, and it is definitely recognizable. The lower bass was quieter and somewhat silent compared to the upper bass, but I did feel a sub woofer rumble sort of feeling when listening to dub-step and some instrumental music, it just wasn't the main thing about the music. I feel the headphones get better bass as you burn them in or if you do not believe in burn in (placebo). So I find the bass just enough to make you enjoy them.
The rest of the music. I felt the mids were good (not gonna get into those really). The upper mids and treble can sometimes get distorted and grainy when listening to rock n roll/metal or rap music, but this mainly happened worse on one of the apps I use for music, you get kind of a static when multiple sounds and overall loudness. Could be because they are new.
To be continued........
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