My Apologies. Please read.
Feb 19, 2012 at 7:43 AM Post #121 of 123

Sorry to hear that you were hospitalized but perhaps an announcement will help others to understand your situation and not add to the load. I apologize for being one of them. However, I do wish that the customer service could have helped with the inquiry instead of not replying. 

I agree, a simple announcement from customer service would help us understand and not send e-mails to you.
Please do let us know when we will receive our purchases.
I hope you are on the mend and doing well Craig.
Feb 22, 2012 at 9:26 AM Post #122 of 123

This is all possible. I was just released from the Hospital and I tons of emails to get through. I'm moving as fast as I can. Try not to keep sending the same email over and over since it only add to more emails to get through.
I truly apologize, however this one was out of my hands. 

Craig, please take care of yourself!
I know a lot of head-fiers are demanding, but your health is much more important!!
Really appreciate your contribution to the head-fi community all these while =)
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Hey Craig,
Did you manage to get through the hordes of e-mails yet? Haven't heard from you in around 2 weeks, merely wondering if you're still behind or you happened to overlook me. 

I sincerely hope you're feeling better, take care. 

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