Musiland Monitor 02 US Bit-Perfect Output?
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Dec 7, 2011
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Dec 7, 2011
Hey all,
Been using my Monitor 02 for the last two years as a USB-SPDIF converter with no problems in a speaker-based system.
I've just "upgraded" to an older DAC to that, while higher-end than my Emotiva, only processes 16/44.1 signals, since 99% of my collection is CDs ripped to FLAC.  My question concerns the digital output of the Musiland;  Does it output a bitperfect signal via coax, or is it upsampling everything to 24 bit? 
I ask because all I get from the new (to me) DAC when feeding it from the digital output of the Musiland is low crackle-pop, which disappears into dead silence if I disconnect the cable from the DAC.  I currently don't have any other sources with digital coax output to test the DAC, only optical on my Bluray player. 
I don't think the unit is malfunctioning; I bought it from a reputable seller on another forum, and he assures me that it was working flawlessly when he unplugged it from his system.  It was packaged extremely well, with the box showing no signs of shipping damage.  So I'm left wondering if the Musiland is just feeding it a signal it can't decode.  I'll know for sure if there's a problem with the DAC by next Tuesday, when the ART Legato I ordered as an upgrade arrives; it only outputs 16/44.1.  But I'd like to know about the output of the Musiland regardless.
I know you can change the sampling rate via the Musiland control panel, but there are no controls for setting bit depth that I can see.
What say the Musiland experts?
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