1. AlanHell

    List of entry level TUBE amps + mod for less than $300

    Hi, I am new the to tube amp and wanna to have a sub $300 entry tube amp for my office setup. I am not looking for detail, attack, speed or treble energy since I already have very good SS amp setups with very good Dynamic full size headphones. I just want to have some taste on the tube roll off...
  2. megamagic

    FS: Musiland Monitor 02 DAC / Amp

    I am selling my Musiland Monitor 02 as I have not been using it recently. It's a decent DAC/Amp.   The two headphone outputs are for low/high impedance headphones. It also works well as a ASIO transport and can output to either coax or toslink. Analog rca output allows connection to speakers or...
  3. gjohnst4

    Musiland Monitor 02

    Hello! Interested in purchasing a used Musiland Monitor 02. They can be had for 125$ shipped on ebay, but I am looking first here to see if anyone has one laying around for less. Let me know!
  4. JKWiig

    *Fixed* Need driver help!! Musiland Monitor 02

    ALL download sites are down it seems like :( Anyone have the newest driver who can share?     I have looked around for days. The only one I can find is the v1.0.3.2 at Pacific Valve site.. I think the newest revision is v1.0.4.8?? or v1.0.13       I would be happy if anyone can...
  5. Fishee

    ATH-AD1000 + Musiland Monitor 02

    Hi! I want buy this setup. I need an amplifier? How this phones sounds with this card? Give me some advices please!
  6. ampedlemon

    Musiland Monitor 02 USB DAC

    Musiland Monitor 02 USB DAC/Soundcard for sale/trade (price for new one from ebay is $120). In excellent condition Original box available. Comes with power pack and USB cable.   Only shipping within Australia though I prefer pickup from Melbourne.
  7. Shahrose

    Musiland Monitor 02US

    Mint condition Musiland Monitor 02US up for sale. I own 3 of these and don't need my third one anymore. This is by far the best value for your money for a DAC/amp combo...pick this up at a bargain basement price. Includes all boxes and accessories/manuals.   This sells for $120 new, I'm...
  8. Shahrose

    Musiland Monitor 02US

    Mint condition Musiland Monitor 02US up for sale. I own 3 of these and don't need my third one anymore. This is by far the best value for your money for a DAC/amp combo...pick this up at a bargain basement price. Includes all boxes and accessories/manuals.   This sells for $120 new, I'm...
  9. CorpseTumor

    Musiland Monitor 02 volume drops?

    I have a Musiland Monitor 02 running to a powered USB hub. The soundcard connects to my Audioengine A5 and those are hooked up to a HSU stf-1. (the weakest link being the A5's, they tend to overheat if i have them playing some House at around mid volume level.) Anyways, I noticed my sub was...
  10. mfaughn

    Which USB DAC? -- as good or better than Monitor02, <$250, and plays nice with LINUX(!)...and I don't care about plugging headphones into it.

    I've just been reading a bit about whats out there now.  The popular contenders appear to be Audio GD NFB-12, Yulong U100, Audinst HUD, Maverick D1.  Between these I lean towards Audio-GD and Yulong.  I am really only interested in DAC performance and am wondering if there are any "just a USB...
  11. selphy

    Musiland Monitor 02 US

    I'm looking for MM 02 US I'm from EU 
  12. wullymc

    Musiland Monitor 02 US - DAC/AMP

    For sale is my Musiland Monitor 02   I have rarely used it.  It is in excellent condition.  I have everything for it including the original box it came in.   Great sounding entry level dac/amp combo.  (Windows only drivers).     Looking for $65 + shipping.  Would consider trade for...
  13. Syrk

    WTB: Creative Titanium HD, Musiland Monitor 02/03, Audinst, and other DACs around the same price

    Looking for those in the title and other dacs. Willing to offer up to $140 tops depending on age and condition.
  14. KnightK

    FS: Musiland Monitor 02 US

    Musiland Monitor 02 US   USB DAC/Amp comes with USB Cable   Comes with all original packaging.    Condition: Excellent. Minor Cosmetic blemishes on the top of the unit (see photos)   $SOLD with Free Shipping in CONUS Payment through PayPal Preferred   Feedback Thread...
  15. CrazyBlue

    Musiland Monitor 02 US SOLD

    Up for sale is my Musiland Monitor 02 US DAC / headamp / USB-SPDIF converter.  This unit was purchased in late 2010, so already had the updated firmware.    It is in excellent shape.  There is one tiny scratch on the top right edge (can barely see in the dark photo; a little bright spot) and...
  16. CrazyBlue

    Musiland Monitor 02 US Bit-Perfect Output?

    Hey all,   Been using my Monitor 02 for the last two years as a USB-SPDIF converter with no problems in a speaker-based system.   I've just "upgraded" to an older DAC to that, while higher-end than my Emotiva, only processes 16/44.1 signals, since 99% of my collection is CDs ripped to...
  17. pjpark

    noob reciever question

    I bought polk rti4 and a a-35r to drive them for my computer setup.  My current setup is USB> musiland monitor 02> Pioneer A-35R via RCA CD out> Polk RTi4.   MY question here is, Is it okay to use CD out?  I feel like my speakers could sound better but not sure if it has anything to do with...

    ASIO Stutter

    I am using foobar and when I have I am using ASIO whenever I go to play a new song there is a bit off a stutter for the first 1-2 seconds of the song and the beginning audio is cut off. It only happens when in asio, what is the problem?
  19. kpede683

    Good dac for bottlehead crack amp + Sennheiser hd650s

    Ive been looking around a bit for this as i am new to all of it and am trying to learn. I just am looking for some advice as to what DAC would match up well with the crack for my headphones and why...I havent been able to find too much on this so far so any help would be much appreciated!! i...
  20. Michael V

    Need a good dac for HD 598 and fiio e11

    Currently running an he 598 powered by fiio e11 and a xonar dg. Looking to upgrade to a much better dac and one that matches the 598. I mostly listen to radio station all day long but I do have all my CDs ripped into lossless flac, such as Celine dion, Barbara Streisand, many 80s...
  21. Teck1212

    I have $300 to spend. Should I upgrade?

    I currently own a Musiland 02 US DAC and a mini3 amp. I've been thinking about upgrading for a while and have heard some good things about the ODAC/O2 combo. I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on whether it's worth upgrading to the said combo. I plan to use it with the Denon AH-D2000...
  22. fitmic

    Help a newbie out with selecting a DAC.

    Hi. I've been a lurker for some time, but I have to ask you a question about DACs.   I have a DAC Destroyer from hotaudio, which I'm pleased with.   I now look at some 24bit DACs, and what I've read is that Musiland gotten quite some nice review among you guys. Right?   My system is...
  23. Mechamorafa

    The left speaker of my Sennheiser RS180 is demaged. How do I change it?

    A few days ago I noticed that the left speaker of my Sennheiser RS 180 is buzzing on low frequences. Which is wierd, because I send a decent signal to it (DAC Musiland Monitor 02) although I usually use it near the max volume, which can have caused de demage.   Well, I need to change the...
  24. EuphonicSilence

    Best Laptop DAC for AD700 under $150?

    Hello everyone,   I've had my AD700's for just about three weeks with around 70 hrs of use. So far I LOVE everything about them except for the weird color design and the squeaky wing hinges lmao. Since this was my first pair of real (entry level) "audiophile" headphones, I don't have a good...
  25. manene

    aspiring audiophile needs guidance

    hello! i'm currently interested in buying some high end headphones. I want to make the most out of my computer (which has mostly lossless audio files), and headphones seems to be the most reasonably-priced alternative. I also do a lot of gaming. So i was asking if anyone could recommend me some...