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Musical Paradise M2-D2 AK4490 Balanced Dac Reviews?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by stuart1927, Mar 22, 2016.
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  1. tkcha
    but make sure not the skinny bottle GZ37 ,nothing special.
  2. darcman
    I have had these 6n1p-ev tubes sitting around for months. Well I finally decided to give them a try, was using 6n23p.
    The 6n1p-ev were dirt cheap like $20 for 8 tubes. Fist impressions, less bass and not as defined.
    The mids and top end are a little more emphasized or maybe you just hear them more because of the less bass.
    I have given them maybe 100 hours or a little more. A little smoother now, I like the top end
    I just wish they had a tad more bass. if I didn't know any better I could probably live with them.
    The 6n23p is more of a well rounded tube, I may try some 6n23p-ev.
  3. marvda1
    do yourself a favor and try these.
  4. marvda1
    has gary leaked any info about the upcoming mp-d2 mk3 ?
  5. brooster
    New USB board with DSD 512 capability.
    New main board with up dated power supply regulation and PCM 192 capability on coax.
    Firmware revisions
  6. darcman
    I tried some different tubes today and I really like them.
    They are Philips PCC88 1967 vintage nos very nice.
    Very nice tone, great bass, sparkly top end, they do it all.
  7. marvda1
    modwright is doing mods on the mp-d2, don't know which version or the cost.

    Hi guys, RE the Musical Paradise DAC, I actually have MP D2 DSD DAC here, with AKM DAC chips, Mundorf coupling caps and USB input.

    I am shipping the first unit today, with the following mods:

    Re-biased tube analog stage (optimized for 6922 driver tubes) and replaced signal path resistors with Tantalums.
    Revised power supply operating voltage as part of bias revision.
    Added our own SS High Voltage Regulator circuit to provide rock solid regulated B+ to the tube output stage.
    Bypassed the B+ and regulator rails with MWI custom capacitors.

    It sounds MUCH better than stock now!

    It is actually a well designed and built DAC. In stock form, I found the soundstage to be too diffuse and the tonal balance off. When I looked at operating bias and where the 6922's were operating on the tube curve, I could see that they were operating in a VERY non-linear region. Once this was resolved, alone, things got much better! I then added our own SSHVR (Solid Stage High Voltage Regulator) with MWI bypass and the B+ became VERY clean and VERY tight!

    This translated to tighter and better defined bass and control across the frequency spectrum. The combination now, of proper operating bias, upgraded tube signal path resistors and regulated supply, gives the music a controlled but natural and organic flow.

    I am very pleased with the result!

    Finished photos to follow.


    Dan W.
  8. Tubeburner
  9. Tubeburner
    Dan, what is the cost of the mod?
  10. marvda1
    i'm not dan(modwright), but the mod is $500 + shipping
  11. marvda1
    Musical Paradise D2 DSD DAC Mods: $500

    RE-Bias tube stage for optimum operation (for tube type) and upgrade signal path resistors.
    Revised high voltage to be compatible with new tube operating point.
    Add MWI high quality bypass caps to B+ supply - none present in stock unit.
    Install MWI's own Solid State High Voltage Regulator (SSHVR) circuit for tightly regulated high voltage supply to tube plates.

    The result is a huge improvement in sonics. Tighter and more controlled bass. Lower distortion, bigger and better soundstage as well as focus. Overall tonal balance is more natural and accurate, while still providing the beauty of tubes.

    We are now taking mod orders and scheduling start dates.

    Please call: 360.247.6688 or email modwright@yahoo.com if interested.


    Dan Wright
  12. Dave 868
    Aneep, what denomination and type of capacitors advise - Audyn True Copper or Audyn True Copper Max ???
  13. marvda1
    I have the mp-d2 mkI with akm4490 and love the sound, here's my question. I plan on getting the mkIII when it comes out, gary prefers the ess9038pro, i'm thinking that if i love the sound of the 4490 then i should love the 4497.
    what are your thoughts 4497 or 9038pro?
  14. gkr7007
    I was able to listen to both boards in my unit and I preferred the 4497. Those velvet filters (slight step ups from the 4490s) to me are just that smooth sound that fits so well with the tube design. Nothing wrong with the 9038 and some people will enjoy that better. Not a ton of difference. It's all subjective anyway. All the best to you.
    Baten likes this.
  15. darcman

    You already know what the AKM stuff sounds like, why not go for the ES9038
    If you don't like them, then you can just order up the AK4497 modules.
    Then you wont have to wonder and you could probably sell the ES modules easy enough.

    I was all set to order the MP-D2 with the AK4497, then at the last minute went for the ES9038 version
    AKM was doing newer chips almost yearly. The ES9018 was around for many years
    I believe the ES9038 was in development for something like 7 or 8 years

    I may buy the AK4497 modules yet though just to try a different flavor

    Hey by the way thanks on the PCC88 suggestion
    I almost bought some PCC88 before, but I somehow thought they were way inferior to E88CC variants
    Kevin from Upscale Audio says the PCC88 are dam good bang for the buck
    I asked Gary if the PCC88 were ok to use (after I had already put them in LOL) and he said no problem
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2018
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