Musical Paradise M2-D2 AK4490 Balanced Dac Reviews?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by stuart1927, Mar 22, 2016.
  1. gkr7007
    For rectifier, as long as you guys seem to want to try everything, Kevin at Upscale Audio has a killer NOS Phillips branded, Holland made 5R4GYS that simply put everything together for me for both my Primaluna pre and MP DAC.
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  2. akltam
    11 Nov is a web shopping day for China.

    The MP-D2 Mk 2 was on special. I want to try out the AK4497 DAC and also I want to try a digital crossover from miniDSP where I need another DAC. So I bought another MP-D2 Mk2 and this time with AK4497. It arrived today. I will be burning-in this DAC for the next 1-2 days before I upgrade the tubes, rectifier tubes and caps.
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  3. fishzoo
    I am also at the fence between the two. Looking forward for your comparison, thoughts about AK4497 and ES9038PRO
  4. akltam
    I am afraid it may not be possible to do an objective comparison because I have done all sort of mod on my MP-D2 Mk2 ES9038 Dac. (like adding separate Chokes to the power supply on both the left and right channel, changing the working parameters of the output tube, plus all sort of tube rolling and capacitor upgrade. And the MP-D2 MK2 AK4497 DAC is still on stock form. So far the ES9038pro beat the Stock AK4497 with more body weight of music. The bass of ES9038 is more substantial. The ES9038 clarity is better. But this is probably all due to the mods and better tubes I put there. Remember the ES9038Pro has 8 dacs in parallel in driving the tubes. The AK4497 has only one.

    I know this is not very helpful.
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  5. akltam
    To all the MP-D2 Mk2 User,

    I wouild like to ask a favour from these users. Can you check if the Coaxial input with 24/96 source work on your MP-D2 Mk2 ? Both of my ES9038Pro and AK4497 does not work on this type of input.
    I checked this with another DAC using Coaxial 24/96 input. The display say it is 24/96 and it plays fine. While both MK-D2 Mk2 I got cannot play that same source.

    This has suddenly become a serious problem for me as my digital crossover only output 24/96.

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  6. fishzoo
    I am currently using USB on D2 with source feeding from Linux board (UDOO/rasberry pi3 - volumio player) . I use to have coaxial from my PC Windows, but since coaxial support only up to 24/96, so it's retired now. I could setup my PC (which I haven't been touch for 2 + years) to test on the D2 coaxial output. Just give me some time as I am working on tube damping and DIY USB cable now.. :)

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