Musical Fidelity xcan v8
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here it is for $549 at music direct Musicdirect -

You took my link
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Well, X3 cost like EUR 400 up here, so the new one will be like +/- EUR600, I guess. If this the true, huge upgrade I mean, extra EUR200 is o.k., isnt?
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What a shame that it costs more in the UK than it does in the US, considering it is a UK product!

X-CAN V3 was £250 (UK), $500 (US)
X-CAN V8 is £350 (UK) according to PinkFloyd, but only $550 (US)?
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I just read the manual and there is no mention of whether the adapter is 220 or 110 volts. Also wondering if the dac on this is an upsampling dac that is as at least as good as the picos
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There's only usb input for dac, so you can't hook anything other than computer. Also, you cant use it as standalone dac. So not a quite universal device. I'll pass.
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The PCM2706 is about the cheapest USB DAC solution out there, I guess. It sounds quite ok though, but nothing special. I prefer the output of my Sony Minidisc Deck (MDS-JB920 w/ 20bit conversion, SP/DIF connection from iMac) connected to the line-in of the v8.

I don't hear much of a difference between the v3 and v8, but I didn't get the chance to compare them side by side. The v3 was already out of stock when the v8 became available in Europe.
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Having two 1/4" headphone outputs doesn't make any sense to me. Either one of them should be a mini jack, or there should be an output selector switch to make the two separate jacks useful. Otherwise, it would seem that only two pairs of headphones like the AKG K271S (which are switched off automatically until placed on one's noggin), would make the slightest bit of sense. Maybe useful for doing quick comparisons back and forth between pleather and velour ear pads.

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