Music City Meet - Nashville, Spring 2018, March 3

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  1. antimatter
    I will try and make it down there.

    MFSL gold
  2. hassy500
    As an aside, I listened to some Grado and Senns today on a Macintosh rig. First time listening to anything critically in a long time.

    Felt the RS-2e's had the best blend of accuracy/detail and liveliness/energy between the 325's and HD 650's. the 325's were too bright/fatigue-inducing, yet the 650's were VERY laid back, but certainly not unpleasant. The 800 was sublime, but aren't in my price range remotely.

    I'll work on some mods to lighten up the 650's presentation and research an amp/dac that might help with same. Otherwise, my Massdrop 6xxx may be sold to subsidize those RS 2's.

    Man, my wallet has a bad feeling about this hobby...
  3. JoeDoe
    Might be able to make this one. Almost an entirely new rig since the last time I attended a meet!

    AGD R2R 2, C2, MAD Ear+HD, PS1k, HD800S, and HD650s baby!
  4. hassy500
    Thanks JoeDoe, will do a little legwork/searching on those. I need options for power and DAC, as I just passed on the Dark Voice 336se buy.

    BTW, the 800's seemed to possess everything I'd like to change in the 650's, magically. But boy, that full retail price on the 800's says "Come back when you're older, kid...". Not that I ever pay full retail.

    Today was a good day.
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  5. Àedhàn Cassiel
    Is there any way I could give someone my number and have them text or call me a couple weeks in advance of this?

    Looks like I may be able to bring an LCD-3, HD800, and Mjolnir 1.
  6. kilkil
    I'm glad to hear it. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

    I think i prefer the Grado's over the 650. This hobby is a journey, you start with a modest system, and then it can go anywhere over the years. Personally i find it more enjoyable than most other hobbies

    I hope you make it. I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

    I could potentially do this, though it is the purpose of calendars to remind us, i rely heavily on my calendar, i have no idea what i'm doing tomorrow or next week without looking at it. I look forward to meeting you.
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  7. ThePianoMan
    Hey all,

    Just wanted to let you all know that Schiit will be there, and I'll be bringing along a Schiitkit - just wanted to ask what people are most interested in hearing so we can tailor the kit to people's interest. Raggy and Yggy are hard to ship, so probably not those, but everything else is on the table. Let me know if there are any special requests. We're also trying to get a Vidar and Saga or Freya for some two-channel stuff.

    I'm also working on setting up a raffle for a Jotunheim, will keep you updated on that.

    On the headphone front I can bring a Modded/EQ'd HD800 (SDR + pad swap) and Mr. Speaker's Aeon Flow Closed. I also have a ZMF Ori but will only bring it if someone requests. II may also have one or two other small things to bring, but won't know until closer to the meet.

    Looking forward to going back to Nashville (I'm originally from there) and seeing you all!
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  8. antimatter
  9. RCBinTN
    Hey Tom, check it out - you got a Schiitkit coming to your house!

    Ultra cool and many possibilities, except the Yggy and Rag which we understand @ThePianoMan.
    Thanks for your interest in Nashville.
    It will be great to meet you and learn about what you're playing on the Steinways.

    How about this idea...
    You bring a GMB and Mjolnir2, and
    I will bring my LCD-4 and Wywires Platinum cable.
    I would like to hear the LCD-4 driven by the GMB/MJ2 with tubes.

    If you can't swing a GMB then a BMB would be cool...
    Showing off the BMB with Gen 5 USB to the Nashville folks may be a good idea for Schiit Audio.
    Perhaps a BMB auction could be considered?

    Oh, while I'm at it, please bring a Loki and The Gadget...thanks in advance.

    As always, my lovely wife Annette will attend the meet to display her Joe Bonamassa apparel.
    She won't be taking JB apparel orders, but she can recommend music for you.

    This time, I'll probably just bring my mobile rig...AK240 + Oppo HA-2.
    Bring your IEM's and have a listen!
    That mobile rig can also drive most headphones up to ~300 ohms.

    Please note folks...
    This meet is not in Nashville. It's at Tom's (Kilkil) house on Center Hill Lake, just north of Smithville, TN.
    About an hour's drive East of Nashville on I-40.
    Tom's house is beautiful, the view of the lake is unmatched, and Tom's hospitality trumps all other HP meets!

    BTW, Tom plans to provide food, bless his heart.
    So if you commit to attend, then please show up.
    Bring a bottle of wine or moonshine to share.

    Thanks in advance!
    I look forward to see and meet y'all.

    Dick Bailey
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2018
  10. kilkil
    Wifi is good at my house if you stream.

    Schittkit at the meet is awesome.

    I'm looking forward to the meet, less than 2 months away now.
  11. hassy500
    Regarding the above responses:

    Feels like I played the HP lottery once and just won...

    So much hardware and knowledge in one place. Will be difficult to remain calm till March.
  12. RCBinTN
    Wait until you hear Tom's electrostatic speakers - :)
  13. ThePianoMan
    If you think that was the HP lottery, you'll love this. Just got confirmation that Audeze will be sending out a rep and the following headphones (potentially others too, these are just the confirmed ones.)


    I'm gonna try and get a vidar and sagay/freya for some two channel listening as well. I might have a few other goodies from one or two other manufacturers and my own personal stash too. Will keep you updated.
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  14. evanrude
    Excited to meet you all - hope to have some more with me too!
    Audeze Stay updated on Audeze at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  15. RCBinTN
    Oh wow, that is just outstanding!
    This is shaping up to be a great meet... :)
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