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MQA 3rd unfolding

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by feddar, Oct 18, 2019.
  1. bigshot
    Sounds like a waste of money to me.
  2. iridium7777
    if you're building an "MQA system" from scratch i'd agree, seeking this stuff out is a waste of money -- but then again so is probably everything else in this hobby.

    but, if you already get tidal for whatever reason it's included, if you buy any modern dac it may already have MQA decoder built in - so why not?

    as i said, i wouldn't actively seek it out, but it just happened that the mediums that i have already support it.

  3. hiilari
    Like most, my only source of MQA music is Tidal. And since I mainly use it on Windows desktop app, it seems like the software unfolding is all I need. Good info. So RME it is.

    Since RME gives me good EQ capabilities. On speakers, killling those 100 - 400 Hz room modes is by far more important than CD vs. HiRes. And so far I prefer good 'old parametric eq for this over Diracs and other more modern options. For EQ I now use Equalizer APO in Windows which in turn means I cannot use the bit-perfect exclusive mode - so all MQA stuff is gone when using speakers. Of course with headphones no EQ is needed, at least not by me.
  4. sonitus mirus
    I'm using Roon along with both a Tidal HiFi and Qobuz Studio Premier streaming subscriptions with an RME ADI-2 DAC. Roon is sending a lossless signal to my DAC, where I am employing the wonderful parametric EQ to correct for the room, or rather to correct the speakers for my room. It's been fantastic. The RME DAC has so many cool features and it measures as well as anything I've read about or heard. If you stream Tidal, Roon will also perform the software decode of MQA up to 24/96. The dirty not so secret issue with MQA is that anything higher than 96kHz sample rate is not decoded to musical content no matter what DAC anyone is using. This is where the lossy issue of MQA has been uncovered where the high and low bands are split.

  5. hiilari
    Sounds like you've got a really nice setup going

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