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Montreal summer meet?

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  1. papomaster
    Hey all!
    After the success of the second SSI meet it seems logical to make another one this summer. I know that some people told me they could commit to organize it, but if nobody wants to take charge of things I can make that [​IMG].
    I think having things done like last year's summer meet would be nice, like renting a big room and inviting people from the audio industry.
    Maybe the best time to do it would be the first or second week-end of august, either saturday or sunday?
    Could everyone at least say which date would suit them best?
  2. gp_hebert
    It's been a while since I attended a headphone meet, I'd sure be interested in a nice summer meet with good headphones, good beer and good company. I'd be fine with any of the four dates, with a slight preference for the second week-end of August.
  3. ZARIM
    It's great idea to have summer meet and i will come[​IMG].
  4. papomaster
    Noone wants to organize it? Just a last chance for someone to raise their hand.
  5. papomaster
    Alright, seems that I will reserve myself the pleasure of organizing it... [​IMG] Anyways I love making stuff come together.
    So far, the date that I though would be best was august 27th or 28th, however I will be gone to Calgary for a competition that weekend so obviously it can't be there...
    What about saturday, august 20th? Is it too soon, or should most people get free that day? I'm thinking about renting another room in a Cegep somewhere, probably Maisonneuve again, for the day so we should have plenty of room and a quiet environment.
    To get people drooling a bit, here's the gear I will most likely bring:
    Audeze LCD-2 with DH recable
    ASL Twinhead
    Technics/goldring 1042/Yaqin phono
    Denon sd-5900.
    And maybe my AD2000 + Einar sound combo if somebody wants to hear it again.
  6. ZARIM
    Hi, Thanks for organizing the summer meet and i will surely come there [​IMG].
  7. Denys
    Hi guys,
    Thanks for the invitation. However, I'll be out of the country from the 16th until the 30th....Maybe next time...
  8. Khanate
    Hi guys, I sorta bailed on the 2 last meet I said I would attend, but if its August 20th I'll just have to be there, second to last week-end in Montreal for years [​IMG]
  9. papomaster
    After I get a confirmation from 2-3 more people I'll start calling for a room reservation, and get in touch with some people from audio shops in Montreal to see if they are interested.
  10. Kloug
    I never took part in a head-fi meeting. How it works? Everybody bring their headphones and amps? Does that have to be hi-end equipment or can it be as modest as Grado SR-60i or even cheaper (JVC, Sony, Philips)?
    Does the equipment have to be exclusively headphone related?
    How much it costs for the room?
  11. cwxa99
    I missed the SSI meet but will not miss this one... Thanks for the invitation...
  12. papomaster
    Kloug, you are free to bring whatever equipment you want, which is mostly headphone-related. Now bear in mind we focus our time on headphones so any speaker-like device won't be cool for the rest of us...
    Also having all sorts of equipment (from cheapest to maddest) is always cool to find out what improvements you get when you go up the chain. Having heard the whole grado lineup at once was extremely nice, and is something that really opened my mind to what Grados were tailored to sound like. 
    Most of us bring some of our amps, in order to test them with what other people have and see if some new combo can be achieved..... and so that everyone can drool on your gear!
  13. LostChild1
    I recently traded my HD800s for a set of LCD-2s, so I could most likely at least bring them, along with their insanely light Q-Cable. Again, it'll depend on my mode of transportation to / from the meet to determine whether or not I'll bring along my WA6 w/ Sophia Princess & GZ34 Rectifiers, and 6DE7 & Locktal drivers.

    Also, I'll be out of town as well the weekend of the 13-14, but couldn't it maybe be done on Labour Day? The only problem then would be to rent a room that could be open on Labour Day.
  14. sinae
    I'm interested do we have to pay to go at the meeting :)
    if anybody could bring Koss ESP950,DT880, T1, LCD2 rev2, any HE series, Denon 7000 and LA7000
    I might buy HE5-LE or Koss 950 real soon so i might be able to bring them at the meet :) with original cable tho
    i really need to listen to all those with deep electronica and techno... :)
    I read to much post on all of thems and even now i'm lost on what would be better for me
  15. papomaster
    Last year, the room cost 75$ for the day, so I guess between 5 and 10$ per person will cover the room fees.
    I'm hesitating between sunday september 4th or saturday august 20th. I think august would be better since most people are on vacation on labour day weekend.
    Please everyone tell me which date you prefer, and if you are available for both, only one or none of these two.
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