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Monster Turbine Vs Eterna Vs Klipsch Image s4

  1. joe24
    which one is gr8 if i am looking for headphone which doesnt lack in bass... substantial noise isolation and less leakage... i like bass heavy but it should not be something that gives me headache after listening for an hour...
    Monster turbine with foam buds... ( i already own those  . 60$ ) so just have to purchase foam buds ...
    Klipsch Image S4
    Etymotic research mc5 or er6i.. ( i think they lack in bass) ..
    Your help is appreciated...
  2. yifu
    Probably only the RE0 or the Eterna would be an improvement over your turbines. The RE0 is slightly better than the Eterna overall but can be bass lacking to some. I find it to be very good with even a cheap amp like the fiio E5 bass boost though. I havent heard the Eyts so i cant judge.
  3. joe24
    Have you used turbine?? Did u face any durability issue??.. bcz mine didnot work well.. i am going to replace them under warranty.. so, would it be a good deal if buy foam buds to increase isolation ?? eterna is good but they are going to be shipped from canada, so if any thing goes wrong then i might have to pay more shipping $ ... i dont know how good / bad their customer service is... 

  4. kitkat12012


    if you're talking about budgen audio, i ordered eternas from them last week.  they offered free shipping so I'm not sure why you'd have to pay for more shipping :p
  5. matchuk28
    ive heard both the image s4 and turbine, i think the turbine is better overall with foam or the monster super tips
    re0 lacks bass impact if thats wat your going for
    havent heard eternas but theres great reviews for them around here i would check those out or just save more money to upgrade to a higher tier
  6. blackzarg
    I believe he was talking about a situation where, if the Eternas broke, you'd have to ship them back to Canada (higher price than shipping domestic).


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