Monoprice MP30 IEM good sound great price!

  1. timb5881
    I received these yesterday and have been letting them burn in a bit. So far the sound with the bass tuning ports, they sound good on my ipod classic 160. As of yet, I have not tried the normal tuning ports, but I will keep everyone informed of what I found.

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  2. timb5881

    The Monoprice MP30 In-Ear Earphones deliver exceptional sonic fidelity and appearance. Utilizing beryllium drivers enclosed in a natural wood housing, the MP30 delivers exceptional clarity and sonic detail, with deep bass and a smooth midrange. Tuning nozzles allow you to tailor the sound to your liking – go for accuracy or add a dash of extended bass response.

    Beryllium Drivers
    Natural Wood Housing
    Tuning Nozzles

    Beryllium Drivers: Beryllium is the ultimate material to deliver high frequency detail with extremely low distortion. Beryllium is seven times more rigid than aluminum or titanium, while being lighter than either material. This results in an extended, detailed high frequency response that reveals even the tiniest sonic details.

    Natural Wood Housing: The MP30 is encased in a natural wood housing made from sapele and features a small port to deliver an expansive soundstage and sonic fidelity. Some of the finest acoustic instruments are made from natural wood - why not your earphones?

    Tuning Nozzles: The MP30 comes with two pairs of tuning nozzles that can enhance the sound to your preference. The black nozzles offer a balanced sound signature, with a clean midrange and extended highs, while the silver nozzles deliver a deeper and more pronounced bass response.
  3. Fixxer6671
    Those look like the 64 audio filters.
  4. timb5881
    So I have switched from the bass tuned nozzles to the black balanced ones. Much better, the bass was to much on the bass tuned ones. The neutral ones so far are way better.
  5. timb5881
    They have opened up more. I really prefer the balanced black nozzles better. In a couple of weeks I will try and give a better write up.
  6. trellus
    I got these late last year but I've not had enough time to listen to them -- have used them a couple of times at the gym, and I did like them, but I remember them sounding harsh out of the box, they either burned in or my brain burned in. Wondering if it has to do with the beryllium coating on the drivers.

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