Monarch Mk2 vs Campfire Andromeda (V2) (before 2020)
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Oct 2, 2018
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So I bought a pair of Campfire Andromedas in 2018 and really enjoy them but was wondering whether I should sell them and upgrade to a used pair of Monarch Mk2. A reason for this may be because I used crinacle's tier list back then where the Andromeda was one of the best IEMS but has dropped, and I've been listening a lot more music after obtaining a DAP (Fiio M11 Pro). I mainly listen to rock and pop. I enjoy the mid-range and treble of the Andromedas that focus on vocals.

Is the Monarch an actual upgrade from the Andromeda 2018-2019 or is the difference more in tuning, not worth the $300-400 extra considering they're both expensive IEMs?
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Those tierlists are pretty meaningless imo. It just depends on what you like, but to me the monarchs were an upgrade in sound since i like harman and bass. but those guys are chonkers. I couldnt wear m for longer periods of time
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I have the Andromedas 2019 and compared them to several kilobucks iems, and the Monarch Mk2 was great sounding, nothing too exciting quite polite timbre compared to the sparkly Andros. Of course the missing sub-bass from the Andros was there but nonetheless I was not wowed about them. Like CheekerBreeker said, a polite harman curved iems. But chonky with heavy cable. If your ears are not on the big size, it will hurt. And in my opinion you look a bit ridiculous with those boats in the ears...

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