Military Roll Call.
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What branch, years and date of service, MOS and the best duty station.

Navy- 4 yrs active 74-78, 8 yrs reserve as an IC Electrician. Stationed on a sub rescue/diving vessel (ship filmed in Grey Lady Down) out of San Diego for active. Best duty station was my reserve base, Sub Base Pearl Harbor.

Some of the best and worst times of my life. More good than bad.
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5 yrs 9 months 11 days 2 hrs and some odd minutes. Got a "school cut" to get out early to go back to college.

Navy...1962-1968. Truly a great time! Three years in electronics school before I ever saw a ship! And the ship was the USS Kitty Hawk,(aircraft carrier)CVA63, the oldest ship currently on active duty in the US Navy! I flew on board on its' second was near brand new back then. The ship went into drydock and I went back to school! At the time I think I was the only FTM,DS,ET in the Navy!
At the time I was on board we were home ported in San Diego but spent most of our waking hours in the South China Sea. She is currently home ported in Yokosuka, Japan.

...FTM...Fire control, Missiles(controlled the firing of, not the fires of; surface-to-air missiles)DS...Data Systems Tech....Digital stuff, real computers, not just analog! Brand new in the 60s! and ET, Electronics tech.

Stayed with missiles as a civilian as well. F107 is the nifty little jet engine that powers the Tomahawk Cruise Missile!

F107 plus five more is F112, if I told you about that one, I'd have to kill.....ME!
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Navy - now decommissioned U.S.S. Mauna Kea (AE-22). Gunnersmate on two West Pacs during 92-94. Went in enlisted post-undergraduate, which was a little unusual. Don't talk much about my military experience here at Head-Fi as it seems my political leanings (which are so intertwined with service), became stronger when in and the general climate since, seem to conflict strongly with those that do.
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USMC....1984-1992. My primary MOS was Infantry Assualt (I forgot the old code) with secondary as Weapons Specialist( no longer exists as a secondary). Camp Hansen on Okinawa was awful. Back then they only had three TV stations and the PX and OFC were restricted, for three years. MFE was almost as bad as I was held hostage at Patch (ARMY) for two years. I still hate Germany.

Best was Subic Bay. Was only there for a few months but all the horrible vices were available and I enjoyed them all....
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Navy, September 2001 - Present. EAOS is September of this year, so I'm pretty much finished.

Best duty station was probably VC-6 in Norfolk as an ET. Currently an IT on the USS Dubuque... just recently came back from a 9~ month deployment.
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Mechanised Infantry 1984 and 1985 and 3 months active reserve duty every year from 1986 to 1994. Got to see some lovely countries like Angola and Mozambique, didn't make any friends in those places though.
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Navy – October 79 to August 85 my primary MOS (Job code?) started out as Navigation Electronics Technician (SINS Tech – Ships Inertial Navigation System) then it ultimately ended up being a Ocean Systems Technician.

Duty stations.

1st and best – USNS H.H. Hess – Attached to a Naval Oceanographic Unit. A civilian Oceanographic Research Ship with a small Navy detachment on-board.

2nd – USS Sam Rayburn 635 Gold Crew (Submarine Qualified) – Groton- New London CT./Holly loch Scotland.

3rd – USNS Dutton – Another Naval Oceanographic Unit. A civilian Oceanographic Research Ship with a small Navy detachment on-board.

All of the time on the Oceanographic ships ultimately caused a change in my MOS. I became an Ocean Systems Technician. I believe that the OST MOS was the rarest of all MOS’s. Now it’s extinct.
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3 yrs U.S. Army Aviation, Helicopter Crew Chief, Sikorsky CH-54 Skycrane / Tarhe & Bell UH ID Huey / Iroquois . Served in Germany '71-'74...

Of course, the ubiquitous Hueys were the jeep of the era, and refred to as the Air Calvery; Reliable, fairly quick & maneuverable as well as a great weapons platform... I especially enjoyed door gunner dutys hanging out the cargo door restrained by a body harness, firing the stand mount 50-mm machine gun heating up the L.Z. with tracer ammo, excieting for a 18y.o.....

The best of times / the worst of times...

Loaded onto C-5 Galaxys in '73 in support of the Yom Kipper War; Off loaded after three days...
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2 years. 1985-1987. U.S. Army. 13F Fire Support Specialist
Fort Richardson, Alaska
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Originally Posted by Tuberoller /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Best was Subic Bay. Was only there for a few months but all the horrible vices were available and I enjoyed them all....

Ah yes; Subic. And Olongapo....! I see it hadn't changed much from the 60s!!

...till the volcano; anyway

Grande Island was fun too. Needed a couple of stitches and a half-pint of blood after cutting my ankle while snorkeling. Ever see the signs warning about sharks?

They're true! One followed me all the way to shore! He was only about four foot long, but he had a mouth and teeth like a Pitbull!
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So you guys are familiar with San Miguel, Red Horse, **** river and Mamma-san's barfines. I've heard so many stories of Olongapo. None to tell mom about. Hell, dad would blush (or grin).
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United States Navy. Navigational Aids Technician (3326) 1979-1985. Sub School in Groton Conn. Was interesting.

USNS Vanguard out of Port Canaveral Florida. We got to Bermuda, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. 2 weeks at sea, 2 weeks on shore in Port Canaveral. There were only 16 Naval Personnel onboard with 100 civilians. We had 2 man staterooms.

I wasn’t in the Real Navy- We had it made. My next command would have been on board a Ballistic Missile Submarine so I got out after my 6 years was up.


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