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Military Roll Call.

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  1. Paganini Alfredo
    Marines. Enlisted, Sgt at discharge - July 2002-2007. F/A-18 FLIR (forward looking infrared) technician. Never played in the sand but deployed on the USS Truman for nine months to the Gulf. Fun times [​IMG] College Frat houses have nothing on give or take 5,000 Marines and Sailors let loose for a few days in port [​IMG]
  2. Marximus
    Navy.  Enlisted (joined as E-3, due to my BA in linguistics).  Looking to submit my officer package at E-4 or E-5.  2011-present.  Headed to basic training in less than six weeks.  Then off to Monterey for language school at the DLI.  Title:  CTI (Cryptologic Technician Interpretive).  Going to do something with my life!  Hooyah!
  3. fatcat28037 Contributor
    USCG 1962/66 Boatswain Mate. Aside from 13 weeks boot camp at Cape May I spent my entire hitch at Moriches Lifeboat Station on Long Island.
  4. blufox4900
    Speaking on behalf of my brother http://www.head-fi.org/u/57330/libertad. Navy, enlisted since mid 2010. Currently a navigator working on his dolphins, if you know what that means then you can get an idea of the kind of job he has. Can't really tell you what else he does because I honestly don't know. 
  5. AirForceTeacher


    Just retired from the Air Force late last year, now a blood-sucking contractor.
  6. Anaxilus

    Actually in the Navy that could mean two different things entirely but I think I get it.  He's a bubblehead.  Always wanted a submarine, got a tank instead.  [​IMG]
  7. blufox4900
    Yeah pretty much. Sad thing about it is that he can't really take any of his headphones with him...well he can but they'll probably get snagged on some pipe or get screwed up somehow so he had to swallow his audiophileness and get a bunch of cheap earbuds. I don't think you'd risk bringing some expensive cans down several hundred meters below the sea. He's the noobie, too, so he still has to go through his qualifications which is like several bibles worth of pure technical text. Funny thing is that he practically knows how to drive a multi billion dollar submarine..and yet still doesn't knows how to drive a car. Never gonna let him go for that one. 
  8. Mrhat201
  9. Hamaki gaijin
    USAF Securty Forces, E-7   19 years of service.  Best station a toss up between Yokota AB Japan (been here 9 years )  or Clark Annex Phillipines
  10. areinike
    USAF 1990-1995 726th Air Control Squadron, Homestead AFB then SouthEast Air Defense Sector, Tyndall AFB.  Electronic and Switching Systems Specialist.  I worked with big computers and phone switches :D
  11. kelby9906
    Navy.  Been in for almost 2 years now.  I'm a Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class at the moment (MC3).  For those of you in other branches, that means I'm a photo/video journalist and public affairs guy.  Stationed on the USS Blue Ridge out of Yokosuka, Japan. At the time of typing this, I'm actually on TAD orders working at the salvage of the USS Guardian, which ran aground off the coast of The Philippines.  
  12. SoupRKnowva
    Didnt even know this thread existed! Been in the air force for four and a half years now. Good stuff, ive been stationed at Wright Patterson AFB the entire time other than basic training and tech school of course.
    I joined hoping to go to Yokota AB in japan, but i guess that wasnt in the cards. Ill be putting on E-5 on the 1st though!
  13. lord_tris
    US ARMY 10 year 2002-2012 medical release for a complete ACL replacement surgery. 2 deployments to iraq 6 years in germany the rest in **** paso Texas
    Held the rank of e6 and had three different Mos's 31R,25F,25B yeap not going to lie I kinda miss the ******** now. 
  14. oneguy
    Pilot in the Navy at Yokosuka, Japan. I have been in for 9 years and if the navy sees fit i'll be in till 20
  15. harpo1
    USAF 1982-2002 Ground Radio Maintenance.  Enjoyed every minute serving my country.  I was a dependent prior to joining so I pretty much spent the first 40 years of my life in the Air Force.  Best assignment for me was my time in Germany.  What a great place to live.
    Here's a list of my assignments:
    1982-1983 Keesler AFB  Tech School
    1983-1984 England AFB  Base Comm
    1984-1985 Neu Ulm, GE  Mobile TACS
    1985-1987 Sembach AB, GE  Mobile TACS
    1987-1989 Kelly AFB, TX  E&I
    1989-1993 RAF Chicksands, UK  ESC
    1993-2002 Beale AFB, CA  Base Comm
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