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Mies E200: The best earphone you've never heard of.

  1. mwallace573
    Hello again.  It's been a while since I've posted anything here, but I've stumbled upon something special enough that I figured I should spread the word about this hidden gem I found a few weeks ago.
    So here I was, in need of a new portable earphone.  Last year I went off a few reviews here and elsewhere and grabbed a set of Audiofly AF-56.  Long story short their "V-shaped" sound really didn't float my boat and I decided to grab something else before going back to school for another year of automotive.  For a while I'd settled on getting a set of Shure SE215s given the overall positive praise from here and elsewhere on top of some previous positive experiences with the brand.  I didn't want to get burned again like I had with the Audioflys so I looked around for a place where I could hopefully sample a pair or at the very least a place with a very generous return policy if I didn't like them.  This led me to my local Planet of Sound store, which I heard about by word of mouth during our last local meet.
    Upon arriving at Planet of Sound, I was pretty disappointed to see they no longer carry any Shure products.  I did see some Sennheiser Momentum headphones hanging on the wall and gave those a shot for a bit.  Very nice sound by the way, but for the money they want for them they had better sound good.  While I was milling around listening to them, I see these small earphones on a small table off to the side with a brand I had never heard of.  They are the Mies E200, and they are $99.  I ran some google searches, as well as a few searches on here, and come up with absolutely nothing outside of their page of the Planet of Sound website.  Of course I bring this up with the helpful saleslady that was patrolling the store.  Apparently the Mies brand is owned and founded by Planet of Sound, along with being designed by them.  They have a few other products as well, ranging from pre-amps to desktop speakers.  Their site makes some pretty bold claims about the sound of the E200, but I'm always wary of marketing hype.  They were more than happy to let me sample them, so into my iPhone they went, and away the sales people went.  They were quite good in leaving me alone to sample whatever I wanted for the record.  Very low pressure salespeople there.
    So anyway, I proceeded to throw a vast array of tracks that them, and within 15 minutes I had decided to get them.  More than that, I was excited to get a pair of my own.  Every claim their website makes about them is true I'm surprised to say.  Thunderously deep bass, yet quite accurate.  Very clean midrange that's neither forward nor recessed.  Vocals are like butter with these things.  As for the highs, my ears aren't quite what they used to be, being a mechanic and all, but from what I can hear the highs go well past my hearing range, and they are never harsh unlike most earphones I've heard under $100.  No audible sibilance that I can detect, and definitely not fatiguing. Don't let that 8mm driver fool you, it's the real deal.
    That's my story I guess.  Sorry if I got a bit long winded there.  Hopefully someone with more golden ears gets their hands on a pair and gives a more comprehensive review.  By my ears, they're perfect.  Do I recommend them at $100?  Absolutely!  I'd recommend them at twice the price.  If I'd have one complaint it would be the almost complete lack of accessories.  They come with a basic set of tips, and that's it.  Not even a pouch to carry them around in.  They do have a one year warranty and for a extra charge they offer a no questions asked warranty that I opted out of.  So, if you're in the Ottawa or Toronto area, head to Planet of Sound and give these guys a listen.  I'll guarantee it won't be a waste of your time.  Take a look around while you're there too.  They have some pretty nice stuff.  Cheers.
  2. Delirious Lab
    This IEM now has a big brother, the Mies E300.  Hopefully I'll have time to check it out at Planet of Sound soon.
    Soundwise, I don't expect much of a difference with the E200 for the price difference ($129 vs. $99).  But I do hope it has a sturdier cable.  Mine is cracked (but still working) two inches away from each earbud, after 1½ year of being worn over the ear.
    EDIT: Veni, vidi, and... meh.  The E300 sounded a bit dull compared to the 200 as I remembered them.  I didn't buy any IEMS, and I went for a Marantz integrated amp instead...[​IMG]

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