MHDT Labs Pagoda - Any owners out there?
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I cannot find any reviews of this unit though I have found reviews for the older and other DACS.

Does anyone here have any experience or own this DAC? I'd love to hear your impression of it and if you have experience with their other DACS as well then I'd like to know how the Pagoda compares.

I have one on order (which they claim will be shipped out this Monday) I will post my own impressions once I receive it.



I received the Pagoda yesterday and as much as I want to give my impressions of it I will hold off until I have spent more time with it. I will say that I am pretty floored with the sound so far and I haven't put my Bendix tube in yet!

Here are some pictures:

MHDT sent two GE Jan-5670W tubes with the DAC and though I couldn't find anything wrong with them SQ wise I quickly discovered that my 1964 Bendix 6385 sounds even better. I will leave it in the DAC and let it burn in.

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I'm also interested in Pagoda but its seems like there is no in-depth review of any kind.  It's supposed to be better than Stockholm 2 with 24bit so please share us your input!  Looking forward to it 

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Yeah it's strange that there are no reviews yet there are a plenty for the Havana. When I went to their website they don't even have it listed there unless you go to the DAC family page or prices and ordering page.
I actually went there to order the Havana2 and saw the Pagoda listed under the prices page. I immediately went all over the web and got a big nothing for my troubles. The only thing I did find out is that the Padoga is their top of the line DAC.
So I figure it will arrive in about 10 days or so. After I have some time with it I will post in this thread. MHDT claim that the DAC needs about a month for the tube to properly burn in and that the SQ will improve once that happens. I'm going to briefly check out the stock tube but will swap in my 1964 Bendix 6385.
The only DAC I have to compare it to is my OMZ. Once I do some A/B testing I will most likely sell the OMZ. Fantastic DAC but I'm looking for a more fun listening experience.
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You definitely have to post a picture!! I don't think I see any picture of Pagoda... yours might be the first one ever on internet  

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Thanks for the picture Amish!  That's quite a nice upgrade of dac you've done!! I would appreciate it if you can give us how this dac work along with Audeze after some serious burn-in/listening 

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The internal layout looks like Stockholm V2 besides DAC chip....
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I came to the same conclusion and even emailed MHDT after i had paid for the DAC asking them what other differences there were between this DAC and the other DAC. The response I received wasn't what I was looking for and I have not seen any updates on their website yet.
Their response: "The details about Pagoda will be updated and revised our website soon."
With maybe a dozen hours with the Pagoda so far if anything I would consider this a ref. dac. It is not colored much at all. pretty flat FR. Very clean and natural sound.

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