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MFi Lightning to Micro USB cable?

  1. dh0licious
    My local hi-fi shop just told me that the Fiio l19 cable is apparently no longer made by Fiio.

    Currently I am using the Apple Camera Connection Kit which is bulky and also requires me to have an additional USB to Micro USB adapter to plug into most DAC's.

    Is there any other alternative lightning to Micro USB cable out there that is also MFi? I have searched but don't seem to be coming up with many results. I hope there are some obvious alternatives that I have overlooked!
  2. dh0licious
  3. DJRSP
  4. DJRSP
    Anybody have a suggestion for this ****ty problem?

    Apple being the proprietary **** that it is couldn't make a simple solution and it appears that there is only 1 Fiio L19 cable left in the whole world being sold in the UK somewhere.
  5. bvng3540
  6. DJRSP
    Lucky man
    Bought that cable before posting this to see if it would do the trick but didn't work
    Can I ask if you use the most updated version of iOS? version 11?

    I tried all the amazon lightning to micro usb cables and all of them have failed me
  7. mindhead1
  8. seeteeyou
  9. mindhead1
    Thanks for the info. I’m kind of new to this game and just recently purchased my first headphone amp, a Topping NX4. So far I love the amp and what it’s bringing to my AKG-K550 and my recently purchased HIfiman HE400i.

    My biggest issue with the amp is that it didn’t come with the micro usb to lightning cable as advertised. Has all the other combos, but not the one for iOS devices. I searched around, but it seems like this type of cable is very rare.

    The pricing on some of the cables you directed me to costs more than NX4. I’ll try and figure out the conversion rate on the Chinese links you provided. If pricing is in the sane range I’ll give it a shot.

    I have tried contacting the seller, but don’t have high hopes for a good resolution. I really like the NX4 and don’t want to return it because of a missing cable.
  10. seeteeyou
  11. mindhead1
    I saw these cables on Amazon as well. But looking through the reviews it seems that they will not work with a DAC. I did come across the following cable which looks like it is designed to work with Chord Mojo DAC.

    However, I'm not familiar with this vendor and am not certain it would work with my topping NX4. I have sent an email to inquire about compatibility. I'll let you know what I find out.
  12. Monstieur
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2018
  13. davidjan
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2018
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  14. cardeli22
    Nice!. I have the old Meenova and it stopped working with ios
  15. Daeder
    This should work with my Chord Mojo to my iPhone?

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