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MFi Lightning to Micro USB cable?

  1. outdooradventurer
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  2. cardeli22
  3. outdooradventurer
    I saw that one too. I liked how short the other one is but this will be a good one to try if mine doesn’t work out.
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  4. Surf Monkey
    I just bought one in each length to try with my Fiio Q1 Mark II. I’ll report back when they get here...

    EDIT: So, these came. They work... sort of. Audio is fine. No issue there, but the phone tries to charge the Q1. It must not be fully MFi compatible.

    Now, that said, if I start with a fully charged Q1 and a fully charged iPhone X it seems to drain both at a normal rate, but the cable connector on the Lightning side gets warm like it’s sending current through.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2018
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  5. outdooradventurer
    Update: Received my Cozoy cable. Everything works perfect and is the perfect length to what I was wanting. I have the Fiio E17k so I do have the ability to turn charge mode on or off but regardless, I haven't received any error messages. Everything works like it should.

    As far as quality goes, this is a really nice cable. Well built and feels strong. Connections are tight with no wiggle. Highly recommend if you are looking for this length.
  6. mwillis
    Quick question for you. I purchased this cable and it doesn't work for me... I'm wondering if I selected the wrong option. I selected the default "Micro USB to Lightning" option. When you bought yours did you select the other "CZY Micro USB to Lightning" option that added $10.90 to the price?

    EDIT: Well after further inspection of the description it looks like goes into detail right there saying the CZY version is updated to support the newer iPhones and iOS updates. That's what I get for not reading I guess! Hopefully they'll accept my return for the other cable I received that is worthless to me.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
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  7. vinyljunkie
    I have also been looking for a micro-USB to Lightning cable for my Ultrasone Naos DAC and iPhone 6 (running iOS 12).
    The best option I have found so far is this 1M long AMV-LTG cable from Shure:
    It has nice tight-fitting plugs and works without any problems. The only issue is that the cable is rather stiff and is not really as flexible as I would like for a headphone lead.
    To be fair, the cable is actually designed for use with Shure’s MOTIV range of microphones...
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2018

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